Like A Girl

  This week was Selah’s first summer camp of 2015.  Westmont sport skills camp, to be exact.  It was highly anticipated because she couldn’t wait to do track…and because Mom was super worried about getting her to (1) wear a bathing suit under clothes (“Mooooom…it just feeeels funny”), (2) wear a t-shirt (*gasp*) and shorts, (3) get her into tennis shoes (seriously, laces give her hives almost), and (4) ok, that’s dramatic…there was really only three concerns for mom.
  This is her ‘I’m ready’ (to take on the world?!) look, courtesy of Hannah.  Luckily we had some help from one of her favorites, Hannah, who was visiting for a week.  For Hannah, a tshirt is the least of what Selah will do to impress.  For mom, well, good luck.  

 Mom is at least still good for the initial shyness of a new situation, so I had that going for me. 😉

    But in the end, fun won out and she was ready to jump ship. 
   And the week was a success!
Her self-declared favorites were: pogo sticking, high jump, long jump, and water play.  Others she told us about were volleyball, basketball, stilts, archery, parachute play, and soccer.   

 We’re proud of our little camper.  Today both Mommy & Daddy did pickup to see the water play (at Selah’s request), and she took us down to the field to show us the ropes.  Selah launched into some ‘warmup exercises’ (as she called them), which included one-handed pushups.   

That was pretty much the highlight of my day – knowing our little girl was in boot-camp style training (the one-handed pushups were an impressive touch) – but also the notes from her counselor assistant (a high school age helper) on her week-end award that tell her, “you were so tired but you continued going”. 

  For documentation purposes, and from personal experience, I can translate ‘you were so tired’ fairly accurately to ‘you are really dramatic’…but we are all proud she continued going despite extreme adversity 😉, and pushed through. 
 I also can’t believe how grown up she’s getting.  I guess I can just get used to it since that’s probably the theme of the next 20 years of my life, but it’s true.  No matter how grown up, she’ll always be my baby and I love her more than I could possibly have imagined.


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