Lake Vibes

 We’re prepping tonight for another lake weekend and I felt like I at least needed to catch up on a few pics of our last epic lake weekend a few weeks ago.        

 So many great memories and pictures that it’s impossible to capture and post them all!  So, I’ll try and catch the highlights!

Highlight número uno was Hannah!  “Real Hannah” as Selah refers to her (as opposed to ‘swim Hannah’ & ‘cousin Hannah’).   

 I can’t really even sum up her role in our family except to just say, she’s family.  And we love her and miss her just like our far away family.  Each of us in our own special way, but we all agree, she’s pretty special.  

   We went up to the lake with three other families that we know essentially from church.  Love those peeps too.  And all of our kids are peas in a great big pod.  It’s so fun making memories with these kiddos and their crazy parents.  So blessed is this bunch, and I think their faces speak for themselves! 
   Crashy enjoyed himself with his buddy Monty too.  Can you picture these kids in college goofing off?!   

  He also enjoyed the water (sorta) and being towed behind the boat.  He’s still a bit cautious and fairly whiny on the boat, but he’ll grow into it. 

   At the very least, he enjoyed riding in the back of the truck instead of a car seat – a lake house perk!   
   It was a gorgeous sunset on Saturday night, so we tried to get in some Wheeler family photos.   
 Ok, so we’re not as photogenic as we thought.  But it’s the fun being had that counts.  Hopefully 😉.  

Asher’s favorite part of the boating is definitely the driving… 

 and Selah is a regular water bug these days!  Making her Mommy proud! 

    And having a ball with her Daddy – going faster and faster!
My only complaint – to stop growing up!  It’s pics like these that give me a peek into her later years and I desperately hold on to these fast, precious years.   

 I danced with my dad at my wedding to Don’t Blink and I think he was spot on with that sentiment!

  We’re so blessed to make memories such as these at a place that’s my very favorite spot on earth.  For the same reasons that I think it will be one of our kid’s favorites.  
So.  Thankful.

Extra bonus pics here:   
    (Uh, who gave my kid a beer?!) 😉

I promise they were passed out from the day, not the drinking 😉 haha.


The best of times!


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