Abort Mission

First, we did make it on the lake Saturday, although conditions were pretty rough and I spent most of the time making sure waves didn’t swamp our boat over the bow.  And I had these helpers to pack the ice chest, who were pretty amazing (& a perfect display of their personalities):  

Asher’s ice chest loading technique is spot on, don’t you think?  You can guess why I didn’t ask them to load any carbonated beverages.

Saturday night was pretty full of lightning and rain, not much sleep, and more nasty (but appreciatedly wet) weather in the morning.  

Not the lake views we’re accustomed to! In fact, the Internet reported tonight that there was over 2.5″ of rain at Nacimiento!

 So, after a lazy morning and king-sized breakfast, we headed towards home.  The early departure left us a great day to see Nana and Papa, so that was a treat!  The kids like playing in Nana’s jewelry as much as I did as a kid, and everyone left with special ‘treasures’:

   My treasure was seeing some of my favorite people in the world, three generations between them, enjoy themselves together.  

And of course, what trip home is complete without a stop to Grandma’s?!  (Grandpa is backpacking).  Selah was happy with a new dress purchase by Grandma and practiced her twirling between downpours:
 And Asher was happy to just be out of the car and to be let outside to run.  He had his serious face on here running down the entry (of course with two vehicles in hand): 

   A whole day (& a closed 154 detour) later, we’re now home and relaxing, ready for the day tomorrow.  Although the sauna-like conditions are in full effect (humidity is not our friend), I’m happy to be home and thankful as always for the lake, the rain, our family, and a place to call home as amazing as Santa Barbara. 😍😎☔️⚡️⛅️

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