Beach Bums

In a last ditch effort to keep up with my filing my pictures here, I realized my one last post could be summed up with two words: beach bums.  I don’t feel like we take advantage of living on the coast enough, but looking at my photo feed, we either go there often, or I just take my phone there more than anywhere else.  Either way, we do enjoy it.  And it makes for cute pictures.

The other morning, the kids and I left Jesse to work on the yard, in search of fog.  Sounds funny, but it’s true – it has been SO hot that I literally was looking for where there was cloud cover.  Summerland Beach was the winner.  We watched horseback rides, played prince and princesses, and listened to the waves (in shells and in person!).  Love these two:

Selah and I also joined Auntie Dez at the beach for her birthday.  Selah had a blast because there were older girls there, and she got to show off a bit since she got lots of attention from the birthday girl.  Dez also took her paddle boarding which, despite a bumpy ending catching one wave, went really great – Selah hasn’t stopped asking to go again.

And last, but certainly not least of the beach trips, was this weekend.  We took a family trip to Mondo’s, a break south of us.  Waves turned out to be big, so Selah wimped out on boogie boarding, but we had a lot of fun regardless.  

 I may be bummed about not taking any vacation this year, but where we live certainly isn’t too shabby of a vacation spot. And these kiddos we have to spend it with also are pretty much the best company I could ask for!

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