Summer Camp

It is nearing the end of summer and I’m far behind on posting.  Especially Selah’s first ‘summer camp’ experiences.  This summer we signed up and participated in: Sports Skills camp, Track & Field camp, Safety Town (surprisingly a favorite), and Surf Camp.  

Track & field, inspired by Hannah, was one of my favorites – we love getting her active and this was one of the most energetic ones of the summer! 

Ready for the first day:  P
Photo shoot prior to splitting into groups:

Selah and her friend Avery went to surf camp…and didn’t do much surfing.  The first day the waves were actually pretty big and it scared her.  So, she took full advantage of the situation and elected to play in the water the rest of the week.  Oh well.  She had fun, so that’s what counts.  She also enjoyed piling into the big surf van with a bunch of kids each day.  I pretty much only captured that part, and missed taking photos when I went to the beach to watch them:

And now for school!  I’m in denial still, because I love summer, but Selah is looking forward to the school year so I know it will be great.  So, here’s to summer (& great camps)!  Until next year!  🍻🎉

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