Big day today!  First day of kindergarten, and Selah was over the moon excited about it.  I’m sure Jesse & I were more anxious than she was – she just couldn’t wait to see her friends and play.  

She picked out her special outfit and took the obligatory ‘first day of school’ pics.  

   Asher was feeling a bit sad (& confused that he wasn’t going too!), so we added him to a few of them, to document for them over the years as well. I don’t know how we only got ‘silly face’ of both of them, but the film strip below certainly captures the essence of these two together:
   I stayed surprisingly unemotional – I really expected to feel more sad.  But she was SO pumped on school that it was impossible to not be just as excited for her.  

When we got there, her best buddy Madeline was walking in, so we joined her and the girls got to enter together.  It was really sweet.

 In the room, we participated in a kindergarten scavenger hunt to learn the lay of the land, which was really fun.  Part was taking a sweet picture with Mrs. Gonzales, her new teacher:
Other things included learning where the bathrooms are (in the room!), seeing the art center, the science center, and other sweet things her teacher had set up.  This school is amazing, by the way.  There are 13 kids in the class, and along with the teacher, there’s a full time aid.  We are so blessed.

 The seating arrangement resulted in her sitting with her good friend Gia, so we figure that will last a week before they are split up. 😉 

After school, they ran out with an update from the day in their own words.  Sounds like everyone liked ‘playing’ and ‘everything’ a whole lot, based on the results:

The day couldn’t have gone nicer, and I could not be more thankful.  

 Looking forward to the next 9 years at this amazing school as both our kids move through here!

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