More Firsts

Today was the 2nd day of school, but first day of soccer practice with her friends from school.   

 Loved her outfit, matching fluorescent pink of course!  I don’t think her level of enthusiasm for soccer is as high as school, but it went OK.   

   There are a few girls on the team that are pretty aggressive, so she really lets them go at it.  But we’ll see how the game goes this weekend, and at least it was a success in that when we did prayers & favorites tonight, it made the favorite list!
Also, second day kinder update: music class today!

 Apparently, kindergarten is magic.  I mean, they are there for 3 hours, and by the description given, they fit more in with 13 five year olds in 3 hours than we can ourselves in a whole day.  And give a newsletter summary.  Impressive.  

And now Jesse and I will take bets on if we will get this newsletter all year, or how far into the school season it continues… 😉⚽️🎶

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