Soccer Saturdays

Without going into depth, I think we can sum up our first weekend soccer experience  as ‘bleh’.  

The pros: super proud of Selah for getting out there when she didn’t want to, she even flashed a few smiles through the game so her attitude was pretty good, she ran around for three ten minute quarters in the blazing sun, and Asher enjoyed the time rolling himself on the dirt in the nearby baseball field until he was a cocoa-powdered donut.  

Cons:  her jersey actually fits ME (if you know how picky Selah is, you know that this did not go over well & highly contributed to her not wanting to go on the field, soccer is not exactly her spirit animal (these kids are pretty aggressive which helps, & I realized she is pretty tied to owning her personal space at all times), and this could be a long season through November. But we’re a shoe-in for ‘most improved’ if we can get her out there again! 😉 

 In all seriousness, it wasn’t amazing, but not terrible at the same time.  It’ll be good for her doing something new and meeting girls at her school, but probably not our college scholarship ticket is my guess.  ðŸ˜‰. But I’m 100% proud of her for getting out there in front of all those people after never even seeing a soccer game (hindsight is 20-20, should have gone to a few, or at least pulled up YouTube!).  And we’ll see how it goes for the next few months!

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