Crasher the Swimmer

Swimming has not always been this guy’s best activity, but he sure has come around to like it!

   His newest thing is he tries to give me the A-OK symbol with his fingers πŸ‘ŒπŸ½, and he can’t quite seem to pull it together enough to get the thumb and forefinger correct when he’s excited.  I wish I could catch how incredibly cute it is in action, but this grabbed a bit of it while he was showing off his new “pack pack”:
  He has been wanting a backpack since Selah got hers for school, and today when walking by Marshalls near an architect’s office for work (I promise, I’ve been working, not just shopping!) I found a Lightning McQueen one that fit the bill.  I gave it to him on the way to swimming and he immediately loaded all of his gear into it, put it on his back, and proudly displayed it ALL evening.  He would have worn it in the pool if he could, but into swimming, after the pool, at the dinner table, and at home after had to suffice.  When we’d walk by anyone, he even proudly turn his back towards them to display the new goods.  

 He might be the cutest human being to inhabit the planet, but I also realize I am not biased at all as his mother.    Either way, this kid sure has my heart, in all his amazing two-ness, for better or worse!  

    (Cheering for his best friend Elijah already!)
  (Looking too much like Daddy ❀️, ready for school).

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