Family Days

I haven’t posted much, or made any contact whatsoever to anyone, for the past few weeks.  Work has me swamped and every last second I get I spend with the kids.  We also try and grab Daddy when we can, although volleyball season isn’t the time we have as many ‘family days’ (Selah wakes up each morning asking if it’s ‘family day’ yet) as normal.  That made this past weekend extra special, because we did have some nice quality time together.  We managed to fit in the park, rock hopping, haircuts, Blenders (smoothies), birthday party for one of Selah’s classmates, and some couch cuddle time.  

  Having Daddy is just the best.  Especially when he rock jumps with us!  Oh, and the scenery isn’t bad either.  One day my kids will appreciate growing up in paradise, maybe.  (Although, paradise has been HOT this year! I could use a few degrees cooler, if we were into requesting things!) 😉  
  This little one is enjoying kindergarten so much.  She’s turning into such a little girl in front of my eyes.  I wish I could freeze her in time, although I can’t help but enjoy her more as she gets older and grows into who she is more and more.  Love her more than words can contain.  

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