Halloween Fun

Sorry so late, family!

 We’ve been busy, but I needed to go back to post because they were too cute to skip.  

We managed to carve pumpkins in the afternoon – lit up partially by birthday candles since we forgot an appropriate number of tea lights.  
Selah was already invited to a school friend’s party for potluck then trick-or-treating.  I only have one picture at the conclusion of the night while the girls were handing out candy because (1) the constant motion of the kids from hitting the ground to the end of the night and (2) the craziness of our neighborhood during Halloween.  Luckily Jesse followed the girls as they sprinted house to house, while Auntie Brooke and I coaxed Asher into visiting at least a half block of houses.

The three sweet amigos:


Asher actually had a mid-evening costume change, so he was two personas.  The dinosaur was the favorite, except the exceptionally warm weather made him freak out.  Lucky mom anticipated the meltdown by throwing in a spare ‘engineer’ backup costume.  Even with the cooler outfit, he wasn’t as into the trick-or-treating as much as Selah.

  Our sweet peacock:  
  We’re so blessed that Grandma makes our costumes, aren’t we?!?!   It was a big hit trick-or-treating and at the party.

We also had a blast at Selah’s school carnival, the Fall Festival.  Daddy had a game and other obligations, so lucky Auntie Brookie got to chase the kiddos around with me.  Quite the experience. 😉

Selah was Rapunzel for this event since I was worried the peacock costume might have a few feather casualties on the bounce houses.  A few pictures from before since it was pure chaos once we were there:  
All-in-all, one more holiday in the books, with happy kids!  Happy belated Halloween! 👻🎃

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