First Broken Bone

There’s lots of firsts that are fun to document.  Broken bone is not usually one of them.  But today, that was it.  So, not the best of firsts for my beautiful Selah, but here’s to Mommy hoping it is a first and a last!

 Selah’s arm took the brunt of a fall off the swings at school today.  Our tough girl didn’t even cry or let on how much she was hurting, but just asked the after school care program to call her mommy.  We happened to be almost in the parking lot, just having finished our first parent-teacher conference just minutes earlier.  When Daddy and I walked in, she melted and we knew it was more than a bump or bruise. 

Not to push my luck or minimize the experience, but I do feel blessed that we (1) have insurance!  I complain about the cost, but we are able to choose where we go and get good care for ourselves and our babies, which is so much better than some, I realize, (2) did not have to get surgery!  Her arm was pretty ‘displaced’ looking and weirdly swollen, and the pediatrician immediately sent us to a hand surgery center, so I wasn’t feeling great about the possibilities.  So, just a cast is seeming to be a somewhat ‘best case outcome’ when you’re looking at a broken arm, and (3) we have such great friends!  Selah literally was sobbing on the couch this evening with her arm throbbing, and a family we are friends with texted to see if they could come say hello to her…and lo and behold, the best medicine of all was friendship.  She lit up and even got up and played this evening with her friend Luke (she wasn’t able to walk or move prior). It was amazing, considering her state of borderline depression mere minutes prior.  She also received a ‘get well’ card from our neighbor, and a video message from her sweet kindergarten teacher and her daughters.  

The love my kids experience through our community is literally divine and we are thankful every day.  Now we’ll just pray for healing of her sweet right arm…and that it’s an isolated incident! 😉

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