I have so much to share from Colorado!  

  What a fun trip and beautiful way for us to ring in 2016 – with a few of our favorite people on the planet.  We are blessed with an amazing biological family – on both sides – but we’re also blessed to have some amazing ‘chosen’ family.  Thanks to the Jacobson clan who introduced my kiddos to snow for their first time, and gifted us with the most ‘fun’ snow trip I’ve ever had (& likely Jesse has had).

As they say, you can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick a friend’s nose…

(We’ve picked some great friends, that’s for sure!)

I have a million pictures and videos to post, but thought I’d start with a funny clip of Ash tasting snow:
Happy New Year family and friends.  Wishing you much love and many blessings into 2016!


Soccer Season

Clearing out more space on the phone to make room for more snow pics!  

This year Selah played soccer for her first time.  I wouldn’t say it was necessarily unsuccessful, but I wouldn’t call it her life’s calling either.  There were a few games where she REALLY didn’t want to play, but powered through.  And a few times she got in there and got after it.  But for the most part, she could have taken it or left it.  

I will tell you, the high note was the trophy (yep, participation trophy, not ‘champion’ trophy).  She was adamant that next year there was no soccer, until the trophy had her thinking twice.  I told her if it was the trophy she was after, she can spare us every Saturday for fall and we’ll figure out another way to get a trophy!


Asher’s First Trip to the Dentist

In other ‘firsts’, I don’t think I downloaded Asher’s first trip to the dentist.  The pictures capture him pretty well actually – his little personality seems to shine through all the time.  He couldn’t wait for his turn, actually listened, and charmed the hygienist and the doctor. Better than mom expected, that’s for sure! I was hoping we just didn’t bite off a finger or something!



I’ll figure out how to post date these later, so I apologize – we’re on our way to the airport to fly to Colorado and I realized I have a ton of un-downloaded pictures that I wanted to clear to make space for snow pictures!  So… Some memories from earlier this year!

First up is Move-a-thon!  Instead of a jog-a-thon, Selah’s school has a fall fundraiser similar to a jog-a-thin, but an obstacle course instead of just running.  It’s a blast for the kids, and not bad for adults.  Even Asher had a blast moving his patootie off.

Selah had a ‘big buddy’ escort to race with:

 A panoramic view to show her whole field covered in obstacles:

  Asher was a fan of the Popsicles, and hung out at the ‘big kid’ 6th grade station (each class is given an obstacle) because it was running with a cup of water with holes in it on your head… And he takes every opportunity to either be wet or muddy, and this encompassed both!  Plus, attention from the big kids and he was in heaven:
   We are stoked to be a part of this school and each new event is fun for us this year as a ‘first’ – I am trying to take it all in because I just know it will go all too fast!
I’ll end on a video of Asher ‘moving it’ – funny to watch how much he’s even grown in the two months since this!  Crazy!

Merry Christmas Eve

Best Christmas Eve ever – visiting a friend’s ranch with brand new puppies, sheep, pigs, grandma & grandpa, and a lot of mud!  

 Only issue is Selah now of course has a new Christmas wish!  And a baby Great Pyrenees puppy isn’t on momma and daddy’s list, that’s for sure!

 I don’t know if Asher’s favorite was feeding the sheep… 

 …or playing in the mud!

 That is, until he fell in and got it all over his hands and couldn’t ‘unstick’ his boots!

Regardless, a great day in San Luis Obispo! I agree with Selah – ‘I want to live here!  Look, I could have my secret garden right there!’

 It was fun weather too – a bit cold and rainy, which I normally avoid, but can’t deny how cozy it makes Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve to all! 🎄❤️. I’ll leave you with a video of Asher and the (very loud) sheep!

Ta Da!

Clearing off my phone in preparation for a big Christmas Day, and found a few I wanted to put in my memory blog.  Here’s my girl performing a ‘show’ as always, outside our favorite spot, Blenders! Quite a familiar scene for us and still a favorite:

 Another typical Saturday scene in the Wheeler house is ‘helping’ me in the kitchen.  

  Of course, “help” is all relative, but it’s fun for us all (at least until clean-up!)… 
 And it appears we don’t have much longer that they’ll both fit on the same stool!  So, I’ll try to appreciate that they still want to do it, despite the bit of extra work to have my babies both ‘help’!  😉❤️🙈

One more… 

 Boxes are you favorites – maybe Santa will bring a few new ones 😉🎄

Winter Sing

Selah has been looking forward to her Winter Sing for at least a month.  She was SO excited to be an angel – and with her friends – it was pretty much a dream up to event day.  Then unfortunately the day before it was a bit iffy on if we’d make it, but after a false alarm on the flu (from a stomach ache – could have been nerves), she pulled it together and we made it to the show!  The video catches her cookie baking song.  This wasn’t her favorite part, but it was the closest to a solo that she came, so it’s the most appropriate for filming (the rest of the show was just as riveting, so I saved you my iPhone videography skills and will let you imagine it now):

Our sweet little angel before the evening show with Daddy and the Christmas tree:  

    A twirl for good measure:
   Here are a few mid-performance shots:  

 That’s her friend Madeline next to her – the two of them are peas in a pod.  We’re lucky to have her as a neighbor as well – can’t wait to see these sweet girls grow up together.  Actually, I take that back – I wish time would slow down and these little angels would stop growing so fast!  😇


Asher gets on stage at church, goes to the center, and gives me a big thumbs up and yells, look Mom, I did it!  

It’s also a good thing they had the mic out of reach because they had to pull him off the stage – he wanted to stay up there and sing his little heart out! 

After church, doing a little shopping:  Asher says: Mom, I’m such a cool guy! (As he watched himself in the mirror of the store trying on sunglasses and doing the robot):

  And humble too, it seems 😉
And his beautiful sister was twirling away in the store happy as can be:



Almost Excited for Santa

So, while its not tears, it’s also not sheer delight, that’s for sure!  Here’s our pictures from visiting Santa at Westmont a few weeks ago:

 I would say it’s a healthy skepticism 😉❤️🎄