Winter Sing

Selah has been looking forward to her Winter Sing for at least a month.  She was SO excited to be an angel – and with her friends – it was pretty much a dream up to event day.  Then unfortunately the day before it was a bit iffy on if we’d make it, but after a false alarm on the flu (from a stomach ache – could have been nerves), she pulled it together and we made it to the show!  The video catches her cookie baking song.  This wasn’t her favorite part, but it was the closest to a solo that she came, so it’s the most appropriate for filming (the rest of the show was just as riveting, so I saved you my iPhone videography skills and will let you imagine it now):

Our sweet little angel before the evening show with Daddy and the Christmas tree:  

    A twirl for good measure:
   Here are a few mid-performance shots:  

 That’s her friend Madeline next to her – the two of them are peas in a pod.  We’re lucky to have her as a neighbor as well – can’t wait to see these sweet girls grow up together.  Actually, I take that back – I wish time would slow down and these little angels would stop growing so fast!  😇

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