Merry Christmas Eve

Best Christmas Eve ever – visiting a friend’s ranch with brand new puppies, sheep, pigs, grandma & grandpa, and a lot of mud!  

 Only issue is Selah now of course has a new Christmas wish!  And a baby Great Pyrenees puppy isn’t on momma and daddy’s list, that’s for sure!

 I don’t know if Asher’s favorite was feeding the sheep… 

 …or playing in the mud!

 That is, until he fell in and got it all over his hands and couldn’t ‘unstick’ his boots!

Regardless, a great day in San Luis Obispo! I agree with Selah – ‘I want to live here!  Look, I could have my secret garden right there!’

 It was fun weather too – a bit cold and rainy, which I normally avoid, but can’t deny how cozy it makes Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve to all! 🎄❤️. I’ll leave you with a video of Asher and the (very loud) sheep!

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