I’ll figure out how to post date these later, so I apologize – we’re on our way to the airport to fly to Colorado and I realized I have a ton of un-downloaded pictures that I wanted to clear to make space for snow pictures!  So… Some memories from earlier this year!

First up is Move-a-thon!  Instead of a jog-a-thon, Selah’s school has a fall fundraiser similar to a jog-a-thin, but an obstacle course instead of just running.  It’s a blast for the kids, and not bad for adults.  Even Asher had a blast moving his patootie off.

Selah had a ‘big buddy’ escort to race with:

 A panoramic view to show her whole field covered in obstacles:

  Asher was a fan of the Popsicles, and hung out at the ‘big kid’ 6th grade station (each class is given an obstacle) because it was running with a cup of water with holes in it on your head… And he takes every opportunity to either be wet or muddy, and this encompassed both!  Plus, attention from the big kids and he was in heaven:
   We are stoked to be a part of this school and each new event is fun for us this year as a ‘first’ – I am trying to take it all in because I just know it will go all too fast!
I’ll end on a video of Asher ‘moving it’ – funny to watch how much he’s even grown in the two months since this!  Crazy!

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