Asher got his haircut Saturday.  Bittersweet for mommy – I loved his shaggy long surfer hair – but just sweet for Daddy who was tired of it, and I have to admit he looks very handsome.   

 He was such a sweetie – sat still for the whole experience and I think it felt good to him.  He kept saying afterwards – Mommy, it didn’t hurt!  It tickled! ๐Ÿ˜‰โค๏ธ

Afterwards we grabbed a Blenders and I couldn’t resist pictures of my babies against the bright yellow wall.  My sweet little models – ha ha. I wish the portrait pictures didn’t turn sideways when I post, but oh well.  


Morning Hikeย 

This morning I decided, perhaps against my better judgement I predicted, to take the kids hiking with me at a nearby short trail. Jesse wanted to work on the deck, and I thought it would be nice to grab a little exercise…and to my immense surprise, it was beyond successful!  

  Those are chocolate teeth in case you were wondering!  Yes, I bribe them with ‘energy pills’, which I learned from my dear skilled nanny who first took care of Selah, Liz…who had the infinite wisdom of watching her mom raise eleven brothers & sisters!  It worked like a charm for motivation and I would have never believed you prior to this morning, but I’m not kidding – there was not a SINGLE complaint and we did about 1.5 miles round trip!  Lucky for me, Asher still fits semi-decent in the Ergo, so I convinced him to ‘ride’ mommy as a horsey up (to limit the time frame to at least a half day!), then he walked down all by himself.
 I’m completely not kidding when I say that this is literally my PERFECT morning.  (Well, I guess ‘perfect’ would have been Daddy joining us, but hey, a complaint-free kid hike is about as close to perfect as it gets).  I can only hope it just gets better from here and I have some new favorite hiking buddies on my hands.  If my kids love exercise and the outdoors, we may count this parenting thing a success (ok, I’ll add kindness, generosity, and gratefulness to the list…but that’s asking an awful lot! Ha! ๐Ÿ˜‰).  

Selah is well on her way.  She even had to wait for us a bit!  Can you find her here:

   Not a bad morning view – we even counted 7 boats (in English & Spanish!), 4 platforms, and too many palm trees.  
On our way down we found a great ‘echo’ spot and went in search of the secret garden on the way out… 

   Yep, it’s official, my favorite winter morning is with these two!
  I think we’re almost ready to backpack with grandpa!  (Ok, one successful hike might not constitute a whole trip, but let me bask in the dream a bit!)


  My kids could not be more opposite in their eating habits I don’t think!  Selah can’t find a vegetable she likes and The only thing veggie I haven’t been successful with Asher on was a raw parsnip I think! (Cooked was fine).  
Just thought I’d document for their future reference – this is Asher sitting on the counter last night while I cooked dinner.  He asked for an orange carrot (the parsnips looked like white carrots so now he clarifies color ๐Ÿ˜‰) and some handfuls of “leaves” (spinach).  Hope the vegetable loving sticks!  Now if I could find a few that I don’t have to force down Selah’s throat! ๐Ÿ˜‰

First Science Fair

These are terrible pictures, unless you were in attendance and realize that my kids didn’t stand still for more than a total of 1 second (if that, no exaggeration), and there were likely 100 or so people crammed into our school’s auditorium for the all-school science fair.




 I’m just lucky I didn’t lose a child, much less snap a bad picture!

Selah did her project with her buddy Naomi.  I wasn’t exactly on top of it – it’s an optional, not mandatory, science fair – and I’m still figuring out the school’s information distribution system and how to sift through what’s important that we should participate in from…well…the other thousand things that are offered.  (First world problems, that’s for sure, and we should be so lucky to be offered these million activities, of course).

So, lucky for Selah, Naomi’s mom IS on top of things (& has an older sister to have learned what to do!), and they invited her to be part of theirs.  They must have known poor Selah’s mom is overwhelmed ๐Ÿ˜‰.  Ha!  On top of that, their family completely upped their cool factor by doing a project with M&M’s of all things!

Anyways, I’d say the zoo (ahem…science fair) was something we’ll consider doing again, and if there was any appropriate time for a kid leash for a two year old – heads up from experience – this is it.   ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ƒ


Conversation this morning:

(Scene:  Selah crying in her room because Asher poked her eye while they were playing – and immediately apologized because he felt bad)

Daddy:  Asher, do you know why Sissy is crying in her room?

Asher:  I know nothing about it!

โค๏ธ Fair enough ๐Ÿ˜‰

My Little Seamstress

Loving her Christmas present from Nana

 Now I need her to graduate from pillows to tailoring!  ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love her sweet smile and that she’s interested in something crafty! 

More Colorado Video

These belong on the first snow day, but I forgot to post links…
Selah’s first sledding run with Emeree:

Asher tells me about the snowmobile:

And Jesse had some pretty sweet pictures of the first day on his phone to add:

   The kids getting a special cockpit your from the pilot on the way there:
Snow angels!!

  For not being snow kids, they were pretty comfortable: 
This was within minutes of going outside – their first attempts at snow angels. 


And Selah (with direction from Hannah):

And a gorgeous sunset to end the day:

  Oh, and proof Jesse and I were there too – enjoying (yes, I mean it!) the cold!

Day 2

  Having your personal travel guides each day of our trip was pretty amazing – were lucky they didn’t give up on our tired kids and cranky adults…or is that tired adults and cranky kids?  Either way, day two was spent running around Colorado Springs which is pretty awesome too.

We took the kids and walked/drove a bit around Garden of the Gods – which was gorgeous.  An attempt to take a family picture with everyone looking in the same general direction with a relatively normal smile resulted in about two dozen ‘almost good’ pictures.  Here’s the best of the bunch:

(At least the scenery is nice!).  The kids had fun, and attempted to ‘sled’ in any little patch of snow we ran across (indicating the success experienced the first snow day!). 

 It was also our last day with Hannah, which for Selah was so bittersweet.  She’s been looking forward to that trip for months – not caring much about snow or Colorado – but pining to see her favorite friend.  Luckily they slipped in a sweet little ‘date’ with Magic Town (a sort of ‘seek & find’ art gallery/museum-ish place) and some Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory dessert.





 Just like every day there, couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day or people to spend it with.  I’ll sound like a broken record, but we’re so thankful and don’t take a single blessing for granted.   



 More snow coming up!


First First Snow

I’m pretty sure my kids had THE best possible first snow experience. 

   They had never so much as held an ice cube probably, and so Colorado pretty blew their minds because not only was there SNOW, but there was Hannah and the rest of the amazing Jacobson clan.  Even hanging with their bunch would have been a blast, but Ms. Kelly (aka Hannah’s Mom) had multiple tricks up her sleeve and planned the absolute best possible week we could have imagined.  The hospitality was out of this world and we are grateful they are part of our ‘chosen family’!  Lucky us!  ๐Ÿ˜‰โค๏ธ 
 First up was a trip to a cabin with their family in Fairplay.  Not only was there killer views on the way AND snow, but there were the bonus elements of snowmobiles, sledding, and kiddos around Selah’s age.  

   I’m not going to lie, I was worried about the snow clothing situation.  Not only about the warmth part of it, but also getting and keeping it on the kids who I can barely get to wear pants and close toed shoes on school days.  Kelly thankfully outfitted our kids and to my surprise, it all worked out more perfect than we could have imagined.  Plus, they were adorable!  I mean, those little bundles of huggable puffy jacket cuteness were too much.  It completely changed my view on cold climates, I’ll tell you that much!
   And Sey, my social butterfly made fast friends with Emeree (I could be spelling that completely wrong), Hannah’s goddaughter.
  My favorite line of Selah’s was, ‘Mom, Hannah is like my fairy godmother, too, right?’.  Can’t beat that sweetness.  Or our very first snow experience.  And more to come! โ›„๏ธ