A little snippet of some of the fun we had this weekend with my sweet superheroes:

 It took a few tries to get a semi-decent shot – but the initial attempt was the most sad (or a bit funny, if you set aside the part where she mildly suffers!)…I convinced Selah we should draw buildings, clouds, and a cape and make her a sidewalk chalk superhero during Asher’s nap.  She didn’t quite get it, but played along with me, but once it was time for pictures we realized that in the direct sunlight wasn’t the easiest to lay on the bright driveway.  She gave it her best shot – and the part you can’t see is where she’s literally brought to tears by the sun, yelling, mom, my eyes hurt!  It’s too bright!  I think the backstory makes this photo a bit more poignant (ha!):   Poor girl.  She’s learned that not all of mom’s “this will be fun” ideas turn out that amazing.  But about half the time, she’s a fairly good sport! πŸ˜‰

In other news, we recruited friends to hike with us – our new favorite weekend morning activity while Daddy works on the deck.  Xander hung with the big kids, and we did the loop near our house, stopping for snacks at the top: 

And Selah even snuck my phone for a selfie, sneaky girl!  (She likes to laugh when I notice them on the camera roll).

How I love weekends and how I love these kids!

In other superhero news, my mom came on my birthday to take care of the kids and threw a “surprise” party after work, which consisted of cupcakes and beautiful decorations, complete with custom posters by each of my kiddos, along with yummy pulled pork sandwiches for dinner.   

Considering I was completely under the weather (and she ended up taking it home with her – not the best ‘thank you’ card I’ve given, that’s for sure!), this was the best present!  The kids were super excited about it to, which is the most fun to watch.  We also had a great visit and picnic the previous weekend with Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, and Papa.  It was simple and fun – the perfect celebration.  I’m so thankful I have all of these superheroes in my life!

Oh, and it’s not pretty, nor should I subject myself to this on the internet, but for laughs from the kids when they use this as my scrapbook of their childhood of sorts, I thought I should post the pic Selah took of me as a superhero too…the things we do for love (& when it’s your own ‘brilliant’ craft idea)…



Daddy Daughter Dance

This is the best tradition ever.  Selah’s favorite night of the year.  And I’d venture to say right up there for Daddy too.   

 I’ve even hesitated to post these pre-dance pictures because I cannot narrow them down to which are my favorites.   

   Selah and I picked her out a new dress and heels (?!) at her request, and the princess was definitely feeling beautiful for her ball.   
 I cannot get enough of her in her element.  It’s just one of those things only a picture can try to capture – words don’t do it justice.  

Some pre-dance practice with the prince himself:

   All the work Jesse put into the deck – I mean, dance floor – sure got a little use here!  This sweet couple made me tear up as they drove away:
   But lucky for me I had my own little (pant less?) prince to hang with! πŸ˜‰

100th Day

I’m not sure when celebrating the 100th day of school became a ‘thing’, but sometime between when I went to school and when Selah went to school (yep, I realize I skipped over 32 years, but I have no data, so there it is), it has become a standard celebration.  

So, on Wednesday we counted out our 100 objects (mini marshmallows to be exact), and tried to get Selah into the spirit of dressing like she is 100 years old.  This was per detailed instructions sent home, so I didn’t just subject my child to this for fun, I promise.  I asked her what she wanted to wear and she said, “I don’t know, maybe one of your dresses”.  πŸ˜‰. So, we’ve also established I dress like I’m 100, so there’s that.  I finally talked her into a ‘normal’ dress, along with a head scarf (which was ditched immediately post-picture), glasses, and a cane (courtesy of Miss Loretta)

 Cutest 100 year old girl I’ve ever seen!

And here’s a quick video of her walking:
Happy 100th day of school – guess that means we (newbie kindergarten parents) have made it that far too! Hard to believe!

Sidewalk Chalk and Valentines

I feel just a teeny tiny bit guilty enjoying this beautiful summery weather in a winter of drought when we could use a huge rainstorm instead a a beach day.  But someone has got to do it, so it might as well be me. πŸ˜‰  

 (photo from yesterday on a quick hike up an open space near us before I grabbed the kids from school and headed to the beach for a sunset dinner with friends and waited for Jesse to get off work – Santa Barbara is not rough to enjoy).

Tonight when I got off work, Asher was napping so Selah and I christened the new driveway with sidewalk chalk.  We thought it’d be a great idea to lay on the warm concrete while the sun went down and take silly pictures of us and our artwork.   

   Saving the best for last, how lucky am I to be loved by her?!
  My budding photographer wanted to take one of me beside her work as well:  
  Not the most flattering, but if I look hard enough, my mind can hear the wild parrots squawking, smell the faint smell of BBQ, and feel the warmth of the ground as the air turns cool when the sun sneaks behind the mountains.  It’s one of those evenings I’m reminded why I don’t count the cost of living here because the reward is priceless.  

After I pulled together a makeshift homemade cheese pizza and spinach salad dinner (Jesse was gone tonight so I didn’t get fancy, and just did something to satisfy the natives), I switched to Valentine duty in preparation for school parties tomorrow.  About 25 for each of them means 50 of those bad boys between the two kids.  I think it turned out relatively cute for a simple project:

Thank goodness for image search on Google which gave me the idea.  I have a love/hate relationship with kid crafts, but likely not for reasons you’d expect.  I actually love crafts and art projects, but hate that I am usually pulling things together at the last minute…and wish my kids were a little more into it so that I could do it with them rather than try to entertain them while I finish.  I’m sure these things change with age, and for now my little tootsie pop cards will be it for tomorrow’s school festivities! ❀️

Just BeachyΒ 

I love when an unexpected warm weekend pops up in winter between all those cold, windy ones!  That day was today and we took advantage of our clear, fairly warm, winter beach day.

   We were able to meet Selah’s first nanny there with her 7 month old daughter, visiting from Kansas.  Liz will always hold a special place in our heart.  Some day we’ll venture to Kansas to visit her farm, but for today we were pretty content running around in the sand, collecting just the slightest sunburn from the winter sun low in the sky.
A few pics of the day I snapped with my little beauty.  Love this place we are blessed to live in, and love the little sweethearts I get to do life more than more.  If only I could bottle up her joy to save for a rainy day…


Last Chance Disney

  We took an impromptu trip last weekend to Disneyland as a family for a few days.  A fun fact – Asher is ‘free’ until he turns 3…which means we spend umpteen dollars on hotel, outrageously priced food, and all of our tickets to save the price of his one ticket.  I should be better at math as an engineer, but it certainly cannot truly be counted as a ‘savings’.  However, who counts when you hear those laughs and see those faces?!  Not I, I suppose.
We purposely chose a weekend before an upcoming holiday and with a rain forecast.  If we’re doing Disneyland, we at the very least try to do it with as few other people as possible! πŸ˜‰  

   It turned out very fun, all in all, and I barely have any pictures to prove it since we were intentional about being present.  However, couldn’t help myself on a few things.  One was the Toy Story ride we went on at least 5 times, complete with 3D glasses: 
   It takes a serious 2 year old to pull that look off.  
We also enjoyed the Mater ride in Cars Land, that Asher newly meets the height limit on.  Daddy and Selah pictured here in the tractor beside us:  

 Also, Selah is now big enough to ride everything and she worked up the nerve to ride Big Thunder Mountain (no picture, sorry), but while I was riding with her Daddy took Asher to meet Mulan, his very favorite princess, at his request.  The video was exceptionally fun for me – see if you can catch why:
Why yes, he does credit his “Mommy” as the warrior princess who trains him!  Ha! That boy knows his stuff, I tell you.  πŸ˜‰. And Disney?  Well, they know how to make the magic happen when you have a 2 & 5 year old – I’ll give them that.



This is more of an illustration than a funny saying, but for MLK day, she came home with this:

  It just struck me as funny that Dr. MLK had a pretty lofty humanitarian dream and we’re hoping for some rain…but maybe we just have an environmentalist on our hands?!  So much for the fight for social justice – we’ll get to that when the drought ends?!  (To be fair, she made another picture that her school made into a shirt that had a dream to the effect of being nice to everyone).
She also can draw a penguin better than I can, which would fit into the scientist field note category potentially… 

All in all, our sweet girl is doing pretty well in kindergarten!