Last Chance Disney

  We took an impromptu trip last weekend to Disneyland as a family for a few days.  A fun fact – Asher is ‘free’ until he turns 3…which means we spend umpteen dollars on hotel, outrageously priced food, and all of our tickets to save the price of his one ticket.  I should be better at math as an engineer, but it certainly cannot truly be counted as a ‘savings’.  However, who counts when you hear those laughs and see those faces?!  Not I, I suppose.
We purposely chose a weekend before an upcoming holiday and with a rain forecast.  If we’re doing Disneyland, we at the very least try to do it with as few other people as possible! 😉  

   It turned out very fun, all in all, and I barely have any pictures to prove it since we were intentional about being present.  However, couldn’t help myself on a few things.  One was the Toy Story ride we went on at least 5 times, complete with 3D glasses: 
   It takes a serious 2 year old to pull that look off.  
We also enjoyed the Mater ride in Cars Land, that Asher newly meets the height limit on.  Daddy and Selah pictured here in the tractor beside us:  

 Also, Selah is now big enough to ride everything and she worked up the nerve to ride Big Thunder Mountain (no picture, sorry), but while I was riding with her Daddy took Asher to meet Mulan, his very favorite princess, at his request.  The video was exceptionally fun for me – see if you can catch why:
Why yes, he does credit his “Mommy” as the warrior princess who trains him!  Ha! That boy knows his stuff, I tell you.  😉. And Disney?  Well, they know how to make the magic happen when you have a 2 & 5 year old – I’ll give them that.


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