100th Day

I’m not sure when celebrating the 100th day of school became a ‘thing’, but sometime between when I went to school and when Selah went to school (yep, I realize I skipped over 32 years, but I have no data, so there it is), it has become a standard celebration.  

So, on Wednesday we counted out our 100 objects (mini marshmallows to be exact), and tried to get Selah into the spirit of dressing like she is 100 years old.  This was per detailed instructions sent home, so I didn’t just subject my child to this for fun, I promise.  I asked her what she wanted to wear and she said, “I don’t know, maybe one of your dresses”.  😉. So, we’ve also established I dress like I’m 100, so there’s that.  I finally talked her into a ‘normal’ dress, along with a head scarf (which was ditched immediately post-picture), glasses, and a cane (courtesy of Miss Loretta)

 Cutest 100 year old girl I’ve ever seen!

And here’s a quick video of her walking:

Happy 100th day of school – guess that means we (newbie kindergarten parents) have made it that far too! Hard to believe!

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