Daddy Daughter Dance

This is the best tradition ever.  Selah’s favorite night of the year.  And I’d venture to say right up there for Daddy too.   

 I’ve even hesitated to post these pre-dance pictures because I cannot narrow them down to which are my favorites.   

   Selah and I picked her out a new dress and heels (?!) at her request, and the princess was definitely feeling beautiful for her ball.   
 I cannot get enough of her in her element.  It’s just one of those things only a picture can try to capture – words don’t do it justice.  

Some pre-dance practice with the prince himself:

   All the work Jesse put into the deck – I mean, dance floor – sure got a little use here!  This sweet couple made me tear up as they drove away:
   But lucky for me I had my own little (pant less?) prince to hang with! 😉

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