A little snippet of some of the fun we had this weekend with my sweet superheroes:

 It took a few tries to get a semi-decent shot – but the initial attempt was the most sad (or a bit funny, if you set aside the part where she mildly suffers!)…I convinced Selah we should draw buildings, clouds, and a cape and make her a sidewalk chalk superhero during Asher’s nap.  She didn’t quite get it, but played along with me, but once it was time for pictures we realized that in the direct sunlight wasn’t the easiest to lay on the bright driveway.  She gave it her best shot – and the part you can’t see is where she’s literally brought to tears by the sun, yelling, mom, my eyes hurt!  It’s too bright!  I think the backstory makes this photo a bit more poignant (ha!):   Poor girl.  She’s learned that not all of mom’s “this will be fun” ideas turn out that amazing.  But about half the time, she’s a fairly good sport! 😉

In other news, we recruited friends to hike with us – our new favorite weekend morning activity while Daddy works on the deck.  Xander hung with the big kids, and we did the loop near our house, stopping for snacks at the top: 

And Selah even snuck my phone for a selfie, sneaky girl!  (She likes to laugh when I notice them on the camera roll).

How I love weekends and how I love these kids!

In other superhero news, my mom came on my birthday to take care of the kids and threw a “surprise” party after work, which consisted of cupcakes and beautiful decorations, complete with custom posters by each of my kiddos, along with yummy pulled pork sandwiches for dinner.   

Considering I was completely under the weather (and she ended up taking it home with her – not the best ‘thank you’ card I’ve given, that’s for sure!), this was the best present!  The kids were super excited about it to, which is the most fun to watch.  We also had a great visit and picnic the previous weekend with Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, and Papa.  It was simple and fun – the perfect celebration.  I’m so thankful I have all of these superheroes in my life!

Oh, and it’s not pretty, nor should I subject myself to this on the internet, but for laughs from the kids when they use this as my scrapbook of their childhood of sorts, I thought I should post the pic Selah took of me as a superhero too…the things we do for love (& when it’s your own ‘brilliant’ craft idea)…



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