First tooth!

So, Selah got her first tooth fairy visit a week ago (catching up on posting).  It’s been loose awhile and hanging by a thread, so she finally got up the gumption to yank it out.  She wrote a sweet little note to the tooth fairy, placed it by her bed, then decided she had to add to her note – to ask for the tooth fairy to ‘remember her brother’ since he hadn’t lost a tooth yet.  Love this girl’s sweet heart.  ❤️



 Then the very next day after school she handed me a plastic baggie with tooth number two!  She said she was eating lunch and thought there was a ‘nut’ in it that turned out to be her other bottom tooth!  So, tooth fairy got to visit two nights in a row!

Love her new sweet smile! (Having trouble adding two pictures, I’ll update with the smile later!) 



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