I’m back!  I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that I will actually try to start posting again.  I actually exceeded the amount of “free space” for photos and such, so I had to take a few months to bite the bullet and actually pay.

But – here we are!  I figure that I don’t scrapbook and I’m not great at calling everyone, so this is my way to kill two birds with one stone and (1) have a memory for my kids to look back on (that is somewhat organized rather than a million pictures on a hard drive, which is the other option they have currently), and (2) keep in touch with family and friends far away (other than Facebook).

So – hi!  I’ll try to get you updates – I see the last post I made was about Selah’s tooth in March.  I can tell you there has been another one and two full grown ones to claim their rightful places!  And lots more of course.

Much love, family!  Pictures to follow soon.


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