Backpack Troopers

Finally!  Uploaded backpacking pictures of our trip with Grandpa (my Dad), Tera (my cousin), Alex (her husband), Selah (my tough 6 year old), and Cael (her super impressive 6 year old cousin – born just a day before her).  Sey and Cael could literally be twins – they definitely carry some Adams genes between the two of them!

First, I cannot express how incredibly proud I am of these kids.  Selah hikes with me – but all in all, pretty rarely.  So, to strap on a pack (which she never has carried), new boots (which she has never worn), new pants (if you knew my kid, you’d know that pants are pretty much torture in our household), and walk in, around, and out was pretty impressive.  Some of the stats:  4 days of walking, about 9 miles (3.5 in, about 2 exploring, and 3.5 out!), and 1700′ down to the river, and 1700′ back out to the trailhead to around 7500 feet elevation (or so – Dad can correct me there, since I can’t recall…it was the Lewis Camp Trailhead in case anyone is looking it up).

And not only impressive hiking/backpacking, but they got along so well.  Great family time, great scenery, and incredibly memories.  We are so lucky we have a grandpa who plans all of this stuff for us!  I couldn’t do this on my own, that’s for sure.  (Maybe someday – Tera inspired me to think maybe I could get it together!).

I am trying a new layout, so hopefully family can download the pictures they want by clicking on the images.  If not, please email me and I’ll either send you the files you want, or I can repost with the full size images.

A few highlights in no particular order:

  1.  Our camp near the bridge turned out to be the best – the kids played for hours in the river…well, until on the second day they spotted a water snake, and Selah was pretty much toast after that.

2.  A swimming hole upstream provided a refreshing break after realizing the fishing was not going to be great.  Cannonballs off rocks, and dolphin rides upstream provided a great break before getting back on the trail to explore.

3.  In our search for some pools that Dad (Grandpa) and I recalled…I ran into a pretty good sized rattlesnake.  That made Selah a believer in the boots I had previously told her would protect her in the event that a snake made a surprise debut.  She immediately took my advice to the extreme and wore the boots, kicking every single log and rock to make sure she scared those things away!

4.  Cards.  Those kids loved the Uno and Go Fish cards I brought along.  Couldn’t help but remind me of my own grandpa who taught Tera and I to love card games.  It was so sweet to see our littles enjoy it as much as we used to.

5.  Dirt!  Selah is traditionally a pretty clean kid. Always has been since she was a baby and didn’t like food on her hands.  But – I think this trip confirmed she can get dirty with the best of them!  I should have video’d when she was sitting in the dirt by herself playing.  It was great.

6.  Cousins.  These kiddos got along better than I could have ever expected.  I can’t even recall a fight between them – they were content to play and play…which was amazing for four straight days.  It was great.  I should have taken a picture of them in Cael’s tent before bed – they even slept in the tent together, telling ‘scary’ stories to one another before bed (their story telling skills left something to be desired in the scary department, but in the ‘cute’ department, they were spot on!).

I think we’ll try to make this annual. I can’t think of another way I’d rather spend time – with family, outside, getting exercise.  The only thing missing this year was Jesse joining in…but as soon as that knee heals, I’m sure he’ll be ready.  And Asher will be a believer too I’m sure – he just isn’t quite ready on those little 3 year old legs of his.  Give him 2 years and he’ll be ready!  I can’t wait to go back, and I think my baby girl is on the same page!  (Grandpa might need a year to recover, but we sure appreciate him putting up with us all!)

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