Another “First”

This time…first swim meet!  (For Selah)

This was a very laid back meet that was just for our swim club, to introduce the kiddos to racing the different events.  It actually was held up at Westmont, so nice that Selah knew the pool well (we swim there after work many days!) and we were close to home for dad and his newly-operated-on knee. They also encouraged the kids to swim all the events, so our little swimmer agreed and entered the 25 free, 25 back, 25 breast, 25 fly, and 50 free!  

The first race was actually pretty comical.  It was a lot of these kids first time – at least the 6 & unders – so not only is Selah pretty far ahead of the rest of her heat, but the girl in her lane for the next heat jumps in right behind her by accident!  Here’s the video that only a mother (& maybe dad too!) can find entertaining:

I was so proud that Selah enjoyed herself, did her best, was proud of herself, listened to her coach, and tried everything.  All a momma could ask for!

It’s funny – I of course would love if Selah became a swimmer like I was – but it’s really not the ultimate goal of course.  My goal started to make her water safe.  We are around pools, beach, lake, and in water enough that I want peace of mind knowing my kids are good swimmers.  But seeing how much confidence it’s given her and how proud of herself she is when she accomplishes something is making me want it for her even more.  I learned some of life’s greatest lessons in the pool with my team, made some of the best friendships I have to this day, and just became so much of the person I am through swimming.  I just can’t help but hope she participates in something, no matter what it is, that can bring her that joy and character building.  This little ‘first swim meet’ was just a sweet first taste as a mom of getting to see my daughter grow.  Can’t wait for the next one – and neither can Selah!

Oh, she also really enjoyed that she got ribbons!  Two first place, two second, and one third – not too shabby for two heats of her age group!

 For those of you really wanting to see the event (warning – not entertaining unless you really love us!  In addition, my videography skills are sketchy at best, on a good day, so try actually watching her swim while video-ing and it’s pretty bad), here’s a video clip of the other three strokes (breastroke, butterfly, and backstroke):

Also, what swimmer is complete without the speedo tan lines?!?!  This just reminded me of my childhood right here with the t-back tan: 

Sweet day, sweet girl.  I can’t say enough how thankful I am to be her Mama.

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