First Day of First Grade

Finally!  School is back in!  Selah started 1st grade this year – and I can’t believe she is that grown up.  If I could stop time I would – love these years and although I’m often tired and can’t wait for sleep, I never feel like I have enough time with the kids after getting work and house chores done.  

Miss Selah is quite the student – loves her  teacher and class.  It was a tiny bit rough as we started since she expected to have the other teacher and was separated from one of her buddies, but she recovered well and it’s going to be a great year.  Here’s some pictures that summed up the first school morning with the family sending her off!

And a few at school with friends in her class and outside:

And this was the second day, but a sweet time of Selah watching the morning neighborhood activity with her best buddy Mok:

Ok, ok…one more…this same morning I caught a glimpse of her getting herself ready and just wasn’t expecting to see such a ‘big kid’ there.  My baby girl is getting so incredibly self sufficient!  Crazy.  

 Good thing I have this guy who still needs me!

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