Nana’s Birthday

When I’m 92 I hope I’m as fun as this lady right here:

Last weekend we were blessed to go up to my Nana and Papa’s house and spend a pizza party evening with them for Nana’s 92nd birthday.  
The kids insisted on bringing bikes because they remember riding with Nana last time.  Not sure if we were racing or having a parade, but I think all three were having a blast:

We also made our way out back and picked apples and grapes in season (which I’ve been busy peeling and cooking all week in various dishes…so far, apple muffins, Apple crisp, and applesauce)…

If I have half the spunk of this woman when I’m 92, I think I’ll be doing pretty well.  I pray my daughter has heroes in her life like I have had in both of my grandmas.  (Pretty sure she’s off to a good start with her grandmas so far too! šŸ˜‰).  

(Sidenote #2:  my Papa and Dad are also both pretty spectacular, so the men are not to be left out, despite not being pictured!). 

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