Sunday Funday

Today was full of the best things.  Family, progress on projects, cooking for the week, and play!  

My mom and dad came to help with a new concrete countertop for the outdoor BBQ area.  Cannot wait to see it finished, but here my dad and Jesse are – working hard to set it up and pour:For some reason, it placed those reverse chronological order…but since I write all these from my phone, we’re all going to live with that šŸ˜‰.

Next up, Apple peeling, slicing, coring, and cooking!  Thanks to our picking at Nana and Papa last week we have *almost* unlimited apples!  Asher was my little helper and did every single one of them!  I would put it on the peeler, then he would turn it, grab the apple, pull off the end slices that still had peel, eat (or play) with those, then throw the apple in the bow I had to separate out.  Today I baked applesauce and another apple crisp, and had enough to freeze for a French toast casserole for next weekend…and one more bag to save for whichever of those is the most popular with everyone.

Love that kid and his goofy personality.

Last up for Asher – bike riding the neighborhood in a batman costume (like there’s any other way!

Selah joined us, but didn’t make the photo (she’s too fast!), but I did catch some of her on the trampoline.  She’s our athletic girl, that’s for sure!  Although gymnastics classes were full this semester, she opted to practice mastering her version of the one-handed cartwheel & somersault, and the jumping splits. She did well and told me – mom, I’m proud of myself!  (Music to this mother’s ears).

All in all, I’d say Sunday was a big success all around.  It’s especially great to see Jesse working on projects again.  And not just so he can tackle my ‘honey-do’ list (ha!), but more because he’s able to finally feel like he can accomplish things again even with the knee at less-than-100%, which is nice.  A big, big thanks to Grandpa & Grandma for making that happen.  We are so grateful.

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