The Bridge Arrives

Not the most exciting to anyone but me, but this past week the precast girders for the bridge I’ve been working on the past (almost) two years arrived.  Besides being a milestone of a major project of mine, it also is just special to share with my family who supports me every single day I work.  

the first girder!

I’m often wishing I had more time at home (or time in general), but when it comes down to it, I do love what I do.  I get the best of a lot of worlds – I get out of the house and mom-bubble each day, I show my kids there are women engineers & women in construction & women who run a business, and I create jobs for a lot of people who are happy to feed their families.  It’s fulfilling and I’m proud of it; again, even though I oftentimes wish I was less ‘busy’.  

So, the bridge for some reason reminded me of all of that.  And of course there are only so many bridge replacements in our town so I figured the kids might like to have seen one, so I had our nanny bring them.  Asher came in the morning and afternoon, and Selah came after school.  He was definitely more into it than she was, but not sure if that was a product of shyness or a product of the activity.  Either way, I was proud to have my babies onsite.

Sorry so many pictures – just couldn’t decide which ones to add!  I also just wish Asher could take a normal picture these days.  For some reason his ‘go-to’ camera pose is his Inner Peace stance from Kung Fu Panda 3 (see above, and every pic of him below).  Lucky us. 😉 I mean, he’s cute anyway, but I hate to have a whole year of pictures of my kid meditating.  Oh well, I shouldn’t complain – there are definitely worse things that could happen, obviously!  

So I’ll just live with my peaceful child (ha!), and my new bridge! 

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