Well, it looks like Asher is our inspirational speaker of the bunch!  Today’s conversation with one of the college girls who lives with us & helps run the kids around (who is also starting her first year teaching kindergarten), in her words:

“Asher said the cutest thing today. In the car he asked if I was nervous to teach. I told him a little bit. He said he used to get nervous for preschool but one day he decided not to be nervous and “it changed his life and it can change your life too”.

Love that kid! He loves to cheer people up and encourage them, and he also likes when people do the same to him.  It’s funny how their little personalities develop.  He’s also very thoughtful and always asks how my day was and how I’m feeling; definitely my more sensitive of the two.  It’s so sweet to this Mama’s heart! 

Here a few pics from the weekend (I’ll post more later, but these are of him this weekend at the lake):


Long story with not much time, but our nanny decides to cut Asher’s bangs without asking – while he was growing his hair out – which necessitated a hair cut.  So, I’m very big on giving my kids control over what they can have control over…and hair is one of them.  So, Jesse took Asher to the barber yesterday and let him pick his style.  Mohawk it was!  And I think it turned out pretty cute myself.

I also took some ‘after’ shots when we were back home (with a popsicle treat, after a quick beach trip), and I know I’m biased, but here’s a pretty handsome kiddo:

This morning, first thing, he asks: Mama!  Is my Mohawk still here?  Am I still so handsome!

And of course, my reply, yes, baby boy, you are still so, so handsome, with or without the mohawk, because being handsome has more to do with your heart than your hair.  But yes, mohawk is still there, and you look great.