Halloween Fun!

This won’t be long, but it’s certainly long overdue! My phone is having issues and I️ was afraid I’d lose these pictures and video so I’m uploading now without editing or anything else. Hope family enjoys our little snippets of fun:


This doesn’t show how much Asher absolutely loved his costume that Daddy made (Mommy was supervisor?! I’m a better manager than worker, that’s for sure!), or how he starting yelling at EVeRY house, “hey, want to see me transform?!” And “Happy Halloween!” on his way out. That boy is sweeter every day.

And Selah (Moana) is so grown up, it seems impossible to this mama’s heart! How she is this old and independent is beyond me. I️ know I’m partial, but I️ also think she’s pretty beautiful inside and out!

Happy Halloween, friends and fam!

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