Making a Scene

Ah, the third trimester. My favorite. *insert sarcasm*. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, and I know my husband hears it all too much…but I’m just not a good pregnant person. Yes, I love feeling the baby move. Yes, I think it’s great to be able to experience the “miracle of life”. But do I really love and relish every moment of feeling huge, off-balance, sick, having terrible skin, and being perpetually tired? Not so much. But this pregnancy has really brought this all to a whole new level – especially this weekend.

For those who know me, you know that I’m not a big “scene maker”. I prefer flying under the radar, don’t really like people paying attention to me so much, and certainly attempt to follow all general rules that society has, written or unwritten, in order to fit in and be as unnoticed as possible by strangers. So, that knowledge prefaces what is most likely one of the largest “scenes” I’ve made inadvertently in public in my life. Welcome to my third trimester.

Background: I caught a cough from Selah that I just can’t shake. She’s had it for awhile, and it was only a cough with no other symptoms – so a little confusing on if she was sick or if she has her Daddy’s allergies, since it really only reared its head at night when she lay down. So when I got it, I was actually kind of relieved that I could figure out what she had by experiencing it – which will surely be the last time I think that! I had the cough for about a week when my upper rib cage started hurting. At first just when I coughed, then progressing to when I breathed deeply, then eventually to where it was painful to walk, move, or breathe at all. I went to Urgent Care for two days in a row, but there was over a 3 hour wait both days, so I ended up leaving and figuring that I was better off not sharing space with a thousand other sick people for 3 hours then to be treated. After being in fairly severe pain for two full days, having a hard time breathing, and talking to my midwives, I decided on Saturday that I needed to suck it up and go in. Cue the worst “scene” I’ve created in my life:

The clinic opened at 9 AM, and I arrived at 8:40 AM to find a line around the building. OK, great. Probably a 2 hour wait – at least we’re 1 hour less than before! Once they opened the building and we were standing waiting to check in, my midwive called me. Knowing there is a “no-cell-phone” rule, I hesitantly answered, but wanted to ask her if I should get out of line and go check myself into the ER – when you can’t breath, have been in pain for 2 days, and are 34 weeks pregnant – you just can’t make those kind of decisions without consult. (Plus, really, wouldn’t all these people behind me be glad to see me leave, causing them 10 minutes less of a wait?). Apparently not.

Some lady who was about 4 people behind me decided that the right time to reprimand me for breaking the no-cell-phone rule would be while I was actually ON the phone trying to figure out how best to be treated. In my confusion of trying to listen to two people (remember, I like people to like me and I always follow rules, so reprimanding affects me much more than my “I-couldn’t-care-less-about-how-others-feel-or-think” husband! 😉 ), I was having a hard time processing this lady and what my midwive was trying to convey. So, of course, the logical response? Cry like a baby. Yep.

Oh, but wait! That’s not all!

Getting upset apparently triggered yet another awesome pregnant symptom! Nose bleeds! And this was the nose bleed of all nose bleeds. The crying also helped to spread the massive looking amount of blood spewing out my nostrils onto the lady reprimanding me – even more awesome! And you can imagine what everyone else in the entire line was doing? It was like a slow motion train wreck and I fully embraced the part. I started crying at her with phrases to the effect of, “Why are you yelling at me?”, “You have no idea what I’ve been through thsi week!”, and “I’m clearly pregnant and just trying to talk to my midwife”, while people slowly backed away. And since I had nothing to stop the blood, I definitely resembled a car accident victim by the end of it. All until a very sweet, sympathetic nurse came and rushed me past EVERYONE in line and had me seen by a doctor immediately!

So, lessons learned: (1) Sometimes making a scene, although inappropriate and embarrassing, gets you to your ultimate goal faster than following rules, and (2) If you’d like to really make someone feel bad for reprimanding you, you should try being pregnant, crying, and bleeding all over them. If she didn’t feel bad after that, I’m not sure what would trigger it.

Oh, and in case you were wondering the diagnosis…I have strained/dislocated my ribs from coughing and there is some sort of nerve being pinched in there causing the pain breathing. Normally they would stabilize my rib cage with a rib belt, but oh yeah, I’m super pregnant, so that doesn’t work! So I get to power through ;). Now just resting up and trying to heal (and not cough! Or laugh at myself because all of that was a pretty awesome display, you must admit).

On Cravings

I think that I always have cravings for things, food-wise…it’s just that pregnancy significantly reduces my willpower to resist them!

The Reveal

So, the ~2nd most exciting day for a pregnant woman was today! (1st is clearly having the baby…up for debate for runner-up for 2nd would be finding out you’re pregnant). But today marked halfway there! 20 weeks!
And…the day we found out that it’s a BOY! So, looks like the Wheeler household will be back in balance. We’ll officially be 1-1…or I guess 2-2 if you count us…& 3-3 with the dogs. No matter how you slice it – even!

Sadly, that revealing photo is the only thing new baby Wheeler isn’t shy about! This marks our second ultrasound that he was completely non-photogenic for. Don’t worry, when that baby makes his debut where I can get my camera at him – his no-face-photo days are through! 😉

18 weeks…& More Pictures

I know I’m biased, but seriously? How beautiful is this girl! Geesh!

I was just downloading some pictures from the “good” camera – all other posts are pictures from my iPhone – so thought I’d share some of my favs, along with an 18 week photo in an attempt to start logging the last half of my last pregnancy. It sure flies by with a kid this time. The first time, I felt like I was pregnant for YEARS! The days dragged on and on and on in anticipation of meeting this little human growing inside me for 10 months. But this time? Well, I feel like I cannot believe that I’m 5 months pregnant! And that we are halfway through next week! And that we ALREADY find out if it is a boy or a girl in a few days! It’s flying by, and I would like to take it all in…if I wasn’t so tired, of course 😉

So, on to the good stuff:

Our attempt at “artsy” for the 18 week photo. It is less than great, but funny at least!

Mommy forcing her to play with colored macaroni

Ballerina Backsides

Is this a happy kid or what?

My two loves

And silliness from my two favorites…

Last Day of Work! (Plus Pics)

Time to celebrate! Yesterday was my last day of (paid) work! Now I have to go into the office today to finish up, but I’m so excited that I no longer have to wake up early and stay late…and get to relax a little before the baby comes. I’m hoping she gives me one more week to prepare, then I’ll be ready for her to be born! (Not that we can choose these things).

It was a little bitter-sweet leaving yesterday…everyone was so nice and it reminded me why I do enjoy working as it is. The last few months have been interesting, with figuring out being pregnant at the same time as figuring out how to run an entire department of people. They are a great bunch, and I hope everyone sticks around while I’m gone – it’s an interesting market out there. I’m just blessed to have made so many good friends there, and I’m going to try not to even think about the “if-I’m-returning” question until two months after she is born. What a blessing Jesse’s new job has been to allow us to do that!

In other news, we did take some more pictures. Jesse and I had my friend Rowena take a few pictures of us at the park. You never know if I’ll do this whole thing again, so might as well get some good documentation. Here’s a few from the day…

A good view of the big belly!

Flowers & My little girl...

Happy Picture Friday

Today I took the afternoon off because it was so gorgeous downtown, and Jesse and I decided to treat our doggies to a trip to the beach, since they were in desperate need of a bath regardless, so might as well get some exercise/play mileage out of it! It was a little foggy at the beach, which was surprising since it was sunny downtown, but was fun anyways. Better soak up this quality time with our first “babies” before the real baby comes, when I have a feeling the dogs will be a little neglected for a bit.

Thought you guys might like some pictures of the outing…including the belly & the fam.

Jess with both of the ‘kids’:

My Own Dog Whisperer

Think this dog loves Jesse?

Mok Loves Daddy!

My little Lucy girl:

Our 2nd rescue baby, Mok:

Our little Mok

Still can throw the ball for them…even if bending over to pick it up is tough!

Is it me, or does this look imbalanced? 😉

How am I standing upright - looks unbalanced with the belly!

Almost done with 32!

I don’t know why I feel this is some ‘milestone’, but I do. I guess it’s the end of an “even” 8 months, which makes it seem so much closer to the end. Or maybe it’s that at the end of each week now I feel more accomplished in that I’m just a little bit more uncomfortable each of these weeks, putting me closer to that time when I really want her to be out and join us!

It also really put in perspective yesterday that I could actually technically have the baby at any minute. I had a friend who is due just under a week before us, and she actually had a C-section yesterday. It wasn’t the best of circumstances for them, but she did have a (albeit very, very tiny) baby that they are considering ‘healthy’, except that he has to be in the NICU until he reaches a certain weight. Definitely not ideal, but they are dealing with it very well with the help of many prayers from friends and family. And I think it has been good to realize that we can actually have a healthy baby at this point, which is obviously something every pregnant woman thinks fairly constantly about.

On the job front, things have been a little hard. Keeping up physically with work is getting more difficult, and it doesn’t help that I had yet another employee resign. However, on Jesse’s job front, he has had a recent influx of options! I’m so proud of him – he has been working SO hard with the job he is going right now and has been so positive about it, and I’ve even heard comments from friends of his ‘boss’ (sort of – more like partner or mentor in this particular business) that he is so happy with working with Jesse. Anyways, a couple of opportunities have presented themselves lately with this and other jobs, and he has really been ‘taking the bull by the horns’ and pursuing them – which is going to pay off one way or another (it’s definitely impressed his wife at least 😉 ). We are just praying that the opportunities that we should take are the ones that workout, and that doors will be closed in the other directions. It’s just really promising, either way, and I’m so proud of him for being so diligent with every opportunity, as he tries to give us some ‘breathing room’, workwise, for when we have our little girl.

So, on with the weekend and the end of 32 weeks…Happy Friday!


I had the best weekend – some good friends rallied together to throw us a shower for our little girl! I feel so blessed to have such a great support group here in Santa Barbara of friends and church family, and it was really fun to have my mom and grandma here to meet some of them. I’ll post a few of the pics here to share.

Here’s one of my favorites from Jesse’s mom and sister – and was definitely a favorite of Jesse’s when I showed him!

Daddy Onesie
Daddy Onesie

Here’s the belly:

32 weeks!
32 weeks!

Here’s a pic of the people at the end of the shower – unfortunately we missed the group shot, so this was just a few of us that stuck around to visit later, including Jesse’s cousin:

The Remainder of the Group! 🙂

Another shot with Mandy – who wins for furthest distance to attend!

Mandy Lou & Kel

Starting Week 30…

Thought I’d give a few pics to illustrate how much bigger we are:

30th Week
30th Week

Also, the beautiful handiwork of my mom in our nursery!

The crib & bedding
The crib & bedding

up close on the flowers
up close on the flowers