Easter Plumerias

Smiley Girl
Smiley Girl

How blessed we were today by a special delivery from “Gramma Home” – pronounced Gramma Home-ey for those of you who aren’t familiar with Selah’s coined name for Jesse’s mom. A beautiful shipment of plumerias arrived this afternoon to make “flower necklaces”, as Selah called them.

Jesse’s family runs Molokai Plumerias, growing the sweetest smelling flower that fills your house and brings you back to Hawaii no matter where you are :). We haven’t had any in quite awhile, and of course our little plumeria “tree” (full blown “tree” is a stretch for our little potted stick) does not seem like it will produce any such blooms in the near (or perhaps far) future. So how amazingly awesome it was to open up the most beautiful shipment and aroma this afternoon! Happy early Easter to us!

We struggled with the nap today, so instead we opted for stringing leis by the window in an attempt to feel like we were “picnicking” outside. It was a little chilly, so outside wasn’t the best option for Asher’s participation. What a special time it was, feeling like Hawaii wasn’t so far away and that Gramma & Grampee were part of our day. And how fun for Selah to get to “deliver” special little Easter presents to our neighbor girl friends down the street this afternoon that she made herself.

In typical fashion, I took a thousand pictures, and tried desperately to narrow down my post to just the “favorites” here:

A view from above
A view from above

Little Brother surrounded by flowers
Little Brother surrounded by flowers
Daddy and Selah string leis
Daddy and Selah string leis
Sweet baby boy
Sweet baby boy
Mommy & Selah get ready to "deliver" leis to neighbors to spread the scent!  ;)
Mommy & Selah get ready to “deliver” leis to neighbors to spread the scent! 😉
Our beauty
Our beauty
Sibling love
Sibling love

Thank you, Gramma Home & Grampee, for such a fun afternoon with beautiful flowers that will make our house smell amazing for days. The only thing that could have made it better was if you were here to enjoy as well…wish you could have wrapped yourself up in the box too! 😉

Asher Keith – the first 2 weeks recap!

Finally I downloaded pictures from my “real” camera. All so far have been from my phone, so these ones to follow are my favorites from the past two weeks of our little man’s first days in the world. He’s such a sweet baby, and even sweeter has been watching Selah with him. She’s (overall) been a champ with the whole transition and we are so proud of her. She has her moments, of course, but I’m pretty sure we had a few of those “moments” even prior to the baby, so overall, she’s been easy on her mama through this time. I say it a million times, but it’s so true – I’m SO blessed!

Here’s more pictures than you could have ever wanted to see, but this is my “photo album” of sorts, so I wanted to document it for us and extended family. Enjoy! (And for the grandparents – remember that if you click on a picture to make it larger, you can download and save it from there if you like to print – love you!) 🙂

2013-03-05 grandma & asher

My sweet sleepy 5-day-old baby
My sweet sleepy 5-day-old baby
Daddy & his babies
Daddy & his babies
Selah's playdate - helps pass the time with a newborn!  And her first bacon experience!
Selah’s playdate – helps pass the time with a newborn! And her first bacon experience!
My smiley little sophisticated man on "picture day"
My smiley little sophisticated man on “picture day”
Our peanut asleep on Daddy
Our peanut asleep on Daddy
Sibling love
Sibling love
Time for your checkup!
Time for your checkup!
Holding hands.
Holding hands.
Who is more in love?
Who is more in love?
They are too much - I cannot stand the cuteness!
They are too much – I cannot stand the cuteness!
Good big sister
Good big sister
My blue eyed girl & little alert boy
My blue eyed girl & little alert boy
Hello handsome!
Hello handsome!
Mommy's lucky charm!
Mommy’s lucky charm!
Here's my boy "helping" me work right now as I post :)
Here’s my boy “helping” me work right now as I post 🙂

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

First off – if you’ve received any emails from me with links, please don’t click. Looks like I was hacked on my blog and my email account. Bummer.

Second – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s WAY too many picks of my leprechaun:
Streeeeetch! (And look at those sweet lips!)





Today was also his first beach day! We did lots today actually – church (well, at least the last 30 min – we severely underestimated how long it takes to get us all ready and out of the house!), then beach for some birthday celebrations of friends, home for nap, walked to the park with friends bringing us dinner, and then dinner with those friends. Feeling so blessed to have our little Santa Barbara “family”…our friends, church body, and neighbors are WAY too good to us! Here’s our sweet neighbor holding Asher at the beach…she’s our future babysitter 😉

Hope your weekend was full of fun as well!

Two Weeks!

Happy two weeks to my growing baby boy! He’s filling out – cheeks & arms are getting chunkier & more “baby-like”:

And those sweet kissable lips:

A short catnap with mom while sister is sleeping:

And some of the other “baby” – or should I say Rapunzel!

The hair was a special request with the princess dress this morning!

It’s been a fun day so far with the two of them, and I’m getting the hang of having a newborn and two-year-old – although, when I’m in the middle if something with her and he needs to eat (which is frequent), the attitude shift is usually pretty apparent. He’s a pretty versatile baby though, so I’m blessed that he’s flexible with basically everything so far other than when he’s hungry! Now I just hope I can stay home with them a little bit longer! 🙂

Sunday Outing

We thought our first outing should be somewhere for Selah to run around and expend done energy, and that Asher wouldn’t be exposed to too many things – with her in school, we’re certain he’s exposed enough for a tiny immune system already! So we chose a walk at the botanical gardens – it’s a bonus that its free because we’re already members there 😉
Tried to take a few random pics of the day with my phone.
Selah & Daddy climbing the rock stairs in the redwood section:



Asher sleeping through the offroad action:

And a few of him in his “photo” outfit from Saturdays pictures…what a handsome little man we think he is! Biased opinions, of course 🙂



A Sweet Smile

Nothing like a sweet newborn smile to round out a week:

He’s been much more awake and alert each day – and he’s so happy. I kind of remember Selah being a little more cranky during her awake times – either that or we were more sensitive the first time around! His quiet, sweet, curious eyes are a making their appearance more and more:

And taken the other evening before reading our nighty night books & tucking Selah in, is a sweet little video of Daddy and both his little ones:
I’m looking forward to the weekend now! Gymnastics, photo shoot with cousin Anna, Princess Day at the zoo, and meeting up with friends – lots of fun planned…who would have thought a few years ago that those weekend plans would be considered “fun”?! What a difference a couple of years and a couple of kids will do to you! 😉

One Week

Wrote this yesterday & forgot to hit “publish”:

One week ago today I was in labor with my little man…crazy how fast a week flies by.
Here’s some pictures from yesterday – not much time to post since today was my first official “inauguration” day as a mother of two since Jesse got called to work today by a potential job (yay!).
Selah and I set up a play date for her and I, and Asher is a willing companion so far. What an easy baby he is – and I’m sure the mere posting of this will jinx that statement, but man, we are blessed! We were hoping that since his name means “happy/blessing” in Hebrew, he would embody it – and he sure has not disappointed so far.
I’m pretty sure this picture is another definition of happiness:

And one with eyes open – I’m not great at catching his awake times because I only think of grabbing my phone when he’s asleep:


Day 2

Perils of being a little brother to a girly big sister: only 2 days old & Asher has already been swaddled in pink blankets & forced to “play” with her on her fairy pillow 🙂

He looks less than pleased here with Tinker Bell, but he’s pretty taken with Selah so far:


Almost a smile?


Not the best pic, but made me smile this morning – in bed with our two babies:


The Last Days

We’ve tried to do something as a family, even if its small, each day lately. Part of my nostalgia as we get closer to being a family of four instead of three, I guess! I just want Selah to go into this transition all “filled up”, in hopes of it being as easy as it can be on her to get used to sharing her family with the baby.

Today, it was bubble chasing, castle making, and Daddy “burying” her in the sand. So much fun with our little girl, and she & daddy are bonding a lot since I’m pretty incapacitated because of my uncomfortable size (among other pains) at 39 weeks along! :). Here’s the few pics I captured on my phone:




How blessed we are to have such a sweet, happy, healthy little girl…and to be able to spend quality time with her – in a beautiful place like Santa Barbara, no less!

GG’s 90th

90! 9-0! Seriously, what kind of milestone is that?! An impressive one, is what! 😉

My grandma, Selah’s great-grandma, turned 90 this Monday. The whole family got together the weekend prior to celebrate. What fun to have Selah get to visit and play with some of her cousins around her age, and fun for us cousins to see each other and catch up…well, as much as you can “catch up” when our kiddos are around. But it was great. I know I’m like a broken record, but here it is again: we’re so blessed with such awesome family (on both sides) and extended family.

I tried to take a lot of pictures that day…and was clearly successful. Tried to narrow down to some favorites here from the day:

This was taken after our “official” family pictures. For which I prepared beforehand by “prepping” Selah that if she listened to us and was good during the pictures, she’d great “treats”. So, here it is: pictures over and munching on her peanut M&M “treat” (yep, bribery. Not to be overused, but it definitely is effective when used selectively):
1 - its over and I got treats

Playing with grandma:
2 - playing with grandma

Jumping on the swinging bridge:
3 - jumping on bridge

More playing on the bridge:
12 - on the bridge

Playing in the historic schoolhouse with the cousins:
4 - cousins in school

Cael & Selah:
5 - cael & selah

Selah in school:
6 - selah at school

Gramma being funny in school with the kids:
7 - gramma being funny

Mommy with her tired girl:
8 - Mommy & tired girl

Jumping at Uncle Steve’s with the cousins:
9 - jumpng with cousins

Getting into it with the “big kids” – Selah will jump literally as long as we let her, but she’s sometimes a little timid when there are a lot of people on there…not so with this group! They got her going with all of them!
10 - with the big kids

Still jumping…
11 - still jumping

Playing piano with Cael:
12 - playing piano

These aren’t the “formal” family pictures we took, but I figured since everyone was all dressed up and together, that I would force a few more pics of the families with my own camera. Here they are:

All the grandkids with GG:
GG & Grandkids

Kids and kids of grandkids:
GG kids & grandkids

My mom’s older brother’s (My Uncle Mike’s) family:
Mike Adams Family

The Wheelers and the Smiths:
Wheelers & Smiths

Just our growing family of 3(+):

What a great day of celebrating my grandmother. I think I said something similar in my birthday card for her, but if I can be even half the wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother that she has been, it would be a success. I am so blessed to have her, and so is the rest of our family.