Nite Moves

There’s a possibility that I can be ambitious on the sign-ups and weak on the execution for some of our family activities…you know, if I’m being honest.  I just picture us having this fun, athletic family who tackles anything.  Which sometimes we totally are; and other times it’s actually a disaster of complaining and prodding and nothing how it was in my head, and we all end up mad and disappointed (but with pictures that likely make my memory of how awful it is fade fairly fast).  Again, just honest.

However, we are signed up as a family for a 5K in a few weeks with my parents, so I have been thinking that we should get out there and try it before it is a mess of complaining and general disaster conditions 😂.  Last week was a good practice opportunity – an event in Santa Barbara that seemed family friendly… and close to home in the event of the world ending (ie. our kids’ likely portrayal of the torture we make them endure called ‘exercise’).  

In addition to family, I also recruited unsuspecting work buddies, friends, and the girls we live with, and promptly handed the kids off to all of them while I jumped into the 1k swim to start off the night, vowing to catch them on the 5k run to follow.  

I have to say, the swim went better than I expected in my dinosaur of a wetsuit – and I loved the boost of proud energy I got from high-fiving Selah as she ran down the hill as I ran up. (The run started while I was racing, so I tried to catch them on the uphill, but she was too fast!).  Asher and Daddy made it to the turn around before I caught them, and Dad reported that he did at least 3/4 of the whole run on his own!  And we all ran through the finish line together – one proud, tired, happy family.  

I haven’t raced in a long time…actually, just about 8 years probably since it was at least a year prior to Selah being born.  I can’t say there’s any one reason I haven’t, but I can tell you that this group exercise program (Jenny Schatzle Program) that I’m doing motivated me to just get out and do it, no matter how messy it looked (in my head or in reality) or what the outcome was.  Exercise is my sanctuary and sanity – and this time I got to enjoy it with my favorites – and be reminded of a time gone by when I enjoyed swimming and running races too. And – bonus – it went so well I’d do it again!  (I can’t say the same for Selah, but Jesse and Asher seem to be game, so she might come around yet!).  

Making a Scene

Ah, the third trimester. My favorite. *insert sarcasm*. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, and I know my husband hears it all too much…but I’m just not a good pregnant person. Yes, I love feeling the baby move. Yes, I think it’s great to be able to experience the “miracle of life”. But do I really love and relish every moment of feeling huge, off-balance, sick, having terrible skin, and being perpetually tired? Not so much. But this pregnancy has really brought this all to a whole new level – especially this weekend.

For those who know me, you know that I’m not a big “scene maker”. I prefer flying under the radar, don’t really like people paying attention to me so much, and certainly attempt to follow all general rules that society has, written or unwritten, in order to fit in and be as unnoticed as possible by strangers. So, that knowledge prefaces what is most likely one of the largest “scenes” I’ve made inadvertently in public in my life. Welcome to my third trimester.

Background: I caught a cough from Selah that I just can’t shake. She’s had it for awhile, and it was only a cough with no other symptoms – so a little confusing on if she was sick or if she has her Daddy’s allergies, since it really only reared its head at night when she lay down. So when I got it, I was actually kind of relieved that I could figure out what she had by experiencing it – which will surely be the last time I think that! I had the cough for about a week when my upper rib cage started hurting. At first just when I coughed, then progressing to when I breathed deeply, then eventually to where it was painful to walk, move, or breathe at all. I went to Urgent Care for two days in a row, but there was over a 3 hour wait both days, so I ended up leaving and figuring that I was better off not sharing space with a thousand other sick people for 3 hours then to be treated. After being in fairly severe pain for two full days, having a hard time breathing, and talking to my midwives, I decided on Saturday that I needed to suck it up and go in. Cue the worst “scene” I’ve created in my life:

The clinic opened at 9 AM, and I arrived at 8:40 AM to find a line around the building. OK, great. Probably a 2 hour wait – at least we’re 1 hour less than before! Once they opened the building and we were standing waiting to check in, my midwive called me. Knowing there is a “no-cell-phone” rule, I hesitantly answered, but wanted to ask her if I should get out of line and go check myself into the ER – when you can’t breath, have been in pain for 2 days, and are 34 weeks pregnant – you just can’t make those kind of decisions without consult. (Plus, really, wouldn’t all these people behind me be glad to see me leave, causing them 10 minutes less of a wait?). Apparently not.

Some lady who was about 4 people behind me decided that the right time to reprimand me for breaking the no-cell-phone rule would be while I was actually ON the phone trying to figure out how best to be treated. In my confusion of trying to listen to two people (remember, I like people to like me and I always follow rules, so reprimanding affects me much more than my “I-couldn’t-care-less-about-how-others-feel-or-think” husband! 😉 ), I was having a hard time processing this lady and what my midwive was trying to convey. So, of course, the logical response? Cry like a baby. Yep.

Oh, but wait! That’s not all!

Getting upset apparently triggered yet another awesome pregnant symptom! Nose bleeds! And this was the nose bleed of all nose bleeds. The crying also helped to spread the massive looking amount of blood spewing out my nostrils onto the lady reprimanding me – even more awesome! And you can imagine what everyone else in the entire line was doing? It was like a slow motion train wreck and I fully embraced the part. I started crying at her with phrases to the effect of, “Why are you yelling at me?”, “You have no idea what I’ve been through thsi week!”, and “I’m clearly pregnant and just trying to talk to my midwife”, while people slowly backed away. And since I had nothing to stop the blood, I definitely resembled a car accident victim by the end of it. All until a very sweet, sympathetic nurse came and rushed me past EVERYONE in line and had me seen by a doctor immediately!

So, lessons learned: (1) Sometimes making a scene, although inappropriate and embarrassing, gets you to your ultimate goal faster than following rules, and (2) If you’d like to really make someone feel bad for reprimanding you, you should try being pregnant, crying, and bleeding all over them. If she didn’t feel bad after that, I’m not sure what would trigger it.

Oh, and in case you were wondering the diagnosis…I have strained/dislocated my ribs from coughing and there is some sort of nerve being pinched in there causing the pain breathing. Normally they would stabilize my rib cage with a rib belt, but oh yeah, I’m super pregnant, so that doesn’t work! So I get to power through ;). Now just resting up and trying to heal (and not cough! Or laugh at myself because all of that was a pretty awesome display, you must admit).

Parenting Fail & Our Weekend

Actual conversation last night in the car:
Me (to Jesse): Ugh, my car smells – I had to take my shoe out of that plastic bag because I needed to throw away Selah’s poopy diaper, and I stepped in dog crap dropping her at preschool.
Selah: What’s dog CRAP?
Jesse & I: (hysterical laughter. Unstoppable and loud…which hurt Selah’s feelings & made her cry. Great job, Mom!)

So, there’s the first “bad word”. Could be worse I suppose, but it was funny to then explain to her that “poop” is better to use than “crap”, and mommy made a mistake!

In other weekend news…
Daddy grouting the bathroom floor:


Our family “date” at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf…trying not to forget to take a little time each weekend enjoying our family of three! (Even though there’s lots of work to be done, we don’t want to miss this last time to enjoy our only child!)


And, I escaped to take a walk yesterday. I’ve been trying to walk some since its the only exercise I seem to accomplish. And Santa Barbara is pretty awesome to walk around! Here’s some iPhone pics of the last week of walking:






Yeah, so, how blessed am I to live here?!? Pretty darn blessed, even when it’s been cold & crisp this week!

Still need to download Christmas & GG’s 90th birthday pics…so more to come… 😉


Apparently this is the time that pregnancy ‘insomnia’ starts. It doesn’t help that work has been pretty hectic lately – but I did read that it’s “normal” to wake up with your mind racing in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, that makes the day a little rough! It’s happened twice so far this week that at about 3 AM or so, I wake up and cannot seem to go back to sleep (of course, until about 6 AM…when I happen to have to get up for work anyway!). And poor Jesse…I’m sure he can’t wait for this to be over now.

Other than the lack of sleep, everything else is good. Uncomfortable, but good. I’m glad our little girl seems really healthy and kicking up a storm still. I keep thinking that I cannot wait until she is out…but then I realize that insomnia will be the least of our issues at that point! Plus, I’d really like her to avoid the NICU, so a couple more weeks won’t hurt to have her stay in there ;).

I don’t really have any more updates than that…just wanted to post something quick to keep updated. I’ll have to do pictures at the end of the week. Hope I fit in the viewfinder – it’s getting bigger and bigger!

Eat Your Veggies

In an effort to eat healthier, incorporate more veggies in our diets, support local farming, AND be environmentally sensitive, Jesse and I have opted to join a local produce delivery service:

We received our first box on Saturday, which I had actually forgotten was coming. What a nice surprise to come home to a fresh box of local lavendar, parsley, beets, multi-colored carrots, onion, apples, mandarins, leaf broccoli, spinach, and lettuce. Kind of a bummer that Jesse is gone this weekend, and that we have our class on Monday (ie. no cooking dinner), so I used the first of the “crop” tonight to make a really yummy (and healthy) stir-fry of onion, leaf broccoli, beet greens, spinach, mushrooms, and tofu. I know, sounds almost too healthy to taste good, but it was really tasty, I promise (Jesse would have loved it actually). Then, because I used the beet greens, I got ambitious and looked up a recipe for some carrot/beet soup, and ended up making it for my lunches this week (I snuck a taste and it’s awesome too!). So, not only did I eat local and healthy, but also organic and MUCH more colorful and fresh than I normally would have. Well worth the $30 box so far.

Also, as a sidenote, I was again able to use my new birthday blender – which is officially the best appliance that I own, thanks to Nana and Papa. I’ve only used it for smoothies so far, but since the intention was to get it to make baby food eventually, I decided the soup was a good test start. And it worked amazingly!

I suppose this post makes me officially “middle-aged”. There is no “young adult” who would: A) get as excited as I did over a box of produce on my porch, B) be as happy with the use of the new blender and “gourmet” soup recipe, or C) eat as many vegetables as I have consumed in one day, much less the amount I plan to consume this week.

However, this makes me very, very happy, regardless. Now, I just can’t wait for Jesse to get home from Phoenix! He at least, if not actually being excited, will be a wonderfully dutiful husband to his pregnant wife and feign great excitment over the produce, the cooking, and the blender. I can’t wait to see him! 🙂

And Apparently I Am Friends With Crazies Too…

because yesterday I gave my “half-ironman-5-months-post-child” idea to 3 of my friends, and they ALL are up for it and ready to do it. So, crazy attracts crazy apparently. Poor Jesse. He might have to get on a bike, which he promised me at marriage to do and hasn’t done since the broken collarbone incident. The things we do for love 😉

The baby is pretty crazy herself. She does some serious ninja-kicking now…during the day at work, right after dinner, and especially around 3 AM or so. Perhaps that will be her schedule of choice. Honestly, I’m fine with anything as long as I’m not working. Making it through the day each day is the toughest part right now, so I’m really looking forward to just focusing on the family for 3 months when I take my leave. I’m also looking forward to attempting to work a 32-hour week (reduced hours!) starting next week. We’ll see how that works out in reality, but I’ll be very, very happy if I manage to reduce for the next 2-3 months.

We’ve also signed up for classes now, and are meeting with a doula. It’s was becoming increasingly clear that we needed to do that, considering health care in Santa Barbara for expecting mothers. Not that it is bad – I definitely think we are blessed to have great health care – but it also was definitely clear that they do not hesitate to put you in induced labor, C-section mode, and any number of modified situations that I may not be completely on board with, as long as there is another option available. So, I’d just like someone consistent there with us to aid in our decision making process along the way. Jesse is completely on board with it too, so that is especially nice!


So, now that I’ve gained about 30 pounds, I’m making some plans to get it off. Don’t worry, not before she’s born…but hopefully shortly after. I have to be honest, among the reasons I don’t want a C-section (there are others), is that I really don’t want to have to be away from the gym for longer than I have to. Plus, it just sounds painful from the friends who have had to go that route!

Anyways, I’m wondering if this race: Austin Half Ironman, would be too lofty of a goal to shoot for. I’ll have to ask my race partner, Telli – who roped me into these things before, and it turned out to be so much fun. Plus, I don’t see any way to train for a half ironman without at least shedding some of the weight I’ve put on during pregnancy! 😉

It’s also some motivation to get in the pool this week. I keep coming up with excuse after excuse, when really – it’s just laziness that prevents me from getting in the water. Well, that and work schedule and cold weather. But those perhaps also fall under “excuses”!

Anyone up to train with me? Or do I have to rope Jesse into it too?!