7th, 8th, & 9th

Nov 7th: thankful for parents. Jesse & I are so blessed to have the best parents in the world. They are both still married (for MANY years!) and both such great examples in different ways of what we’d like to be as husbands & wives, as parents and grandparents, and just as people in general! If I can be half the mom my mother is, Selah will be pretty blessed too 😉


Nov 8th – grandparents! I’m so thankful for both my Nana & Papa and Grandma & Grandpa. Not only are all if them some of the most amazing people I know, but I was blessed to have them nearby and involved from childhood to adulthood. I’m glad Selah gets to know Nana, Papa, & GG (great-grandma) also. I miss my Grandpa lots, but he’s found so many ways to be in my heart and I’m so thankful for the special times we spent while he was here.
Here’s a pic from tonight of Selah painting a picture for Nana so that in her words, “it makes her feel better” (she has shingles right now so we’ve told Selah that’s why we can’t visit for awhile):


Nov 9th – friends! We’re so amazingly blessed by friends as well. From our church family to friends that Jesse & I have has well before we were married, I couldn’t be more thankful for the community we have here. In fact, it’s been more times than I can count, we’ve thought of moving various places and haven’t because we can’t imagine building a community like we have here. In fact, tonight Jesse is off to the movies with the guys from small group and I have a hike planned with a friend in the AM…nothing better & so thankful!
An older pic from my phone of Selah with her friend Emerson at happy hour:


Still thankful…

Just late! 🙂

Nov 5th: I’m thankful I have a job. A well paying one that let’s me support my family is a bonus too! I’ve worked really hard to get here, but there are a lot of hard working people who are less fortunate than I am – and I don’t forget that, especially on my construction sites. Here’s my latest project (a few various stages of it) that I’m currently running (one of the 8! I have 3 in construction & 5 in design):




Nov 6th: I’m thankful for being born & raised in a country that has the right to vote. And that they count each vote (Nicaragua tends to find many of theirs in rivers and other places besides being actually counted). Going to Lithuania this year reminded me of how blessed we are in America – even with a depressed economy & our own difficulties – we still have a lot of freedoms that many others around the world have certainly not been given. So, although I’m disappointed with the outcome tonight on the whole, I’m still thankful I was able to put my vote in the mix!

November 4th

The fourth day – so many things to choose from still! Today is Sunday though and I’m SO thankful it’s still the weekend. I’m thankful these come once a week! For a working pregnant mama during volleyball season, having just this day off of work and Jesse here to help is reason enough for major thankfulness!
Here’s a few things we did this weekend:
Made toilet paper roll “monsters”:

Playing at the park (I promise she had more fun than this looks):

And no picture of it, but we went to the Botanical Garden yesterday too – it was fun to hike, and once we tricked her into finding “hiding spots” along the way, Selah ended up walking a mile or so of it herself.
We also watched two of Daddy’s five sets of Westmont’s match with Biola, during which most of Selah’s time was spent in the lobby/steps running around chasing her friend, Kaden…so I watched from the lobby TVs – a nice addition for those of us accompanied by spectators with low attention spans for the game. 😉
All in all – lots to be thankful for this weekend!

On Thankfulness

There are so many people doing the November daily “thankfulness” exercise that I was inspired to do it here. I’m a little behind, but I’ll try to post one a day for the month. Who couldn’t use a little more thankfulness in their life? ;). It’s been so hectic and leaning towards the stressful side of things lately that I figured this could only help! Here goes…

Nov. 1st – I’m thankful for Selah. Biggest blessing I’ve ever been given, and thankful to be her Mommy!


Nov. 2nd – I’m thankful there’s another healthy baby on the way and that he’s a boy! I of course cannot imagine loving another one as much as I love Selah, but enough people vouch for it that it has to be true! Lucky me! Twice the love to spread! And with so many people who either have unexpected pregnancies or difficulty having kids when they want to – I’m thankful that we’ve been blessed with another healthy bundle!

Nov. 3rd – I’m thankful for our home. It’s not just the house, but that’s a part of it…just the fact that we have a place that Selah calls her “homey” warms my heart and makes me thankful. She could care less that it is in need of fixing in a lot of ways – she cares that our home has mommy, daddy, a roof, and of course her room & crib that makes her feel safe. And that we live in Santa Barbara, really? We live in a place a whole lot of people refer to as paradise! All of that is so, so much more than we could ever ask for!

Happy Thankful Month! More posts to come each day, hopefully accompanied by more photos! (Including Halloween downloads…) 🙂