I tried to add this on the sidebar, but it’s kind of small.  So I’ll add it here, and if you want to check back, you can always go by the category on the side – Countdown!

 Pregnancy Ticker

And it’s a…


We are very excited.  Finally a girl to add to the Wheeler family, and any addition is welcome to the Smith’s, I know.  🙂

And a big girl at that – according to “What to Expect”, this week she is supposed to be 6.5 inches.  The doc just confirmed her at 10.5!  Looks like she has volleyball (or swimming) potential, although we should probably be expected to endure such things as dance and cheerleading or something else very painful.  No matter though – we are just happy that she is healthy and growing!


It’s the middle today.  Smack dab the halfway point in the pregnancy.  Well, at least according to the “What to Expect” website, which you know, is the pregnancy “bible” of sorts, right? *insert sarcasm*

I don’t know whether I’m happy about this, or more on the freaked out side of things.  I’d say I land on both.  But definitely happy that we will find out if it’s a boy or a girl tomorrow morning!  Check back for the update…


I know the next year (or two or three) holds a ton of firsts for us, but yesterday was one funny one:

1.  First stranger to ask something about the pregnancy.  She asked if I knew if it was a boy or a girl.  This was hopeful for me, as it’s a sure sign that I’m not just fat.  Also, bold of the woman perhaps?  I just always avoid asking women for fear that they just had a baby, or worse, haven’t!

Now for the random belly touching.  It’s coming because those close to me are now asking to do it.  I don’t think I have ever had the reflex to randomly touch someone’s stomach, but I know it’s coming from many strangers out there, just waiting. 

Also, sidenote about getting bigger:  it apparently makes everything else look smaller.  I like relativity in this instance.  It works for me.  😉

Growing, growing, grown

I feel like I’ve grown twice as big in the last two weeks.  Especially tonight.  Humongous with a capital H. 

The ‘pro’s’ tell me that the baby is the size of a canteloupe.  I feel like a watermelon, but oh well!  😉

You can judge for yourself…


Who needs ’em anyway? Especially the “wise” ones. After today I’m going to question the people who dubbed them wise. They themselves couldn’t have been wise and blamed those innocent teeth for their lack of wisdom. I can just picture them saying, “I’m not wise because I had to remove those teeth!!”

Also, I like pain killers. They make my mind happy! 🙂