Fiesta 2016

Confession: we aren’t very good at fiesta since having kids.  Since we spend most of our time avoiding crowds and germs, it goes against the norm.  However, my fatal flaw this year was accidentally driving by the fair at Mercado Del Norte on our way to swimming – so the kids knew the rides were there and wore us down with continual asking, which we really couldn’t come up with a great plausible excuse not to go.  

Our best plan was to go right when it opened (read:  not scorching hot) and during the children’s parade (read: less people), and all in all it turned out great and the kids had a blast.  It was also fun that daddy’s knee is recovering and so he could join us! In fact, picture credits go all to dad on this post!

Also captured a short video montage of the day – not super exciting but family might enjoy it:
Viva la fiesta!  

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