Things I’m thankful for today, in random order:
1. Family! What great family Jesse, Selah, and I have! We spent the weekend with a portion of them, and it was such a blessing to see Selah play with her great-grandNana, great-grandPapa, grandma, and grandpa. She had a blast with all of them, and I think the feeling was mutual! Now if only the HI family was more easily accesible from CA! πŸ˜‰
2. Friends! We also are so blessed with wonderful friends that are like family. Ones in SB, certainly, but also ones like the Grants, who we spent Sunday with at a “family-only” (aren’t we feeling special!) birthday party. Selah had a blast on the trampoline, waterslide, and petting zoo (pictures to come, I promise).
3. Work. So many people are struggling right now, and I’m so blessed to have work up to my ears! Sometimes I don’t view it as a “pro”, but more of a “con” (ie. time away from Selah), but with Jesse at school full time, we really couldn’t ask for more, as I easily have enough to support our bills, house, travel, etc.
4. Safety. I’m working from a Starbuck’s coffee shop this morning. People come in and out, and I have my computer out, and I can grab a coffee or a snack. Not once have I worried for my safety, worried for my well-being, or worried for the safety of my child at home while I do this. There are probably 90% plus of the world who couldn’t even imagine this set-up, and we are so, so blessed to be in America. And the price of this is high, and we have so many to thank for that.
5. Sunshine! Welcome back, sun. Thanks for visiting SB today! We love you! πŸ˜‰
6. Psalm 46. How much better does it get?
Happy Monday! πŸ™‚

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