One Week

Wrote this yesterday & forgot to hit “publish”:

One week ago today I was in labor with my little man…crazy how fast a week flies by.
Here’s some pictures from yesterday – not much time to post since today was my first official “inauguration” day as a mother of two since Jesse got called to work today by a potential job (yay!).
Selah and I set up a play date for her and I, and Asher is a willing companion so far. What an easy baby he is – and I’m sure the mere posting of this will jinx that statement, but man, we are blessed! We were hoping that since his name means “happy/blessing” in Hebrew, he would embody it – and he sure has not disappointed so far.
I’m pretty sure this picture is another definition of happiness:

And one with eyes open – I’m not great at catching his awake times because I only think of grabbing my phone when he’s asleep:


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