Sweet Potato(es)

Tonight we tried our fourth(?) food – sweet potatoes. Let’s see – avocado, pear, kale, yep – fourth is sweet potato. Mixed with prune juice to combat getting all stopped up – who could resist that tempting dinner concoction?! Crash sure couldn’t!
Actually, he was doing pretty good with Selah feeding him – not too messy – but then our neighbor came to the door and the full bowl was left within grabbing distance. And the rest was history. Literally, his onesie is probably history, along with the full bowl of sweet potato – half of which was in his lap/seat when I cleaned it, the other half of which was pretty much a trail from the seat to the bath. My phone doesn’t take stellar pictures, but there were a few of the action that I really liked:








And speaking of sweet potatoes – little man was beat after a long day (& literally about 2 hours of sleep last night) and melted into Daddy’s arms while he ran his fingers on his face to relax him:

No problem getting the little guy to sleep tonight! Now let’s see how long he stays that way…

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