Potty Humor

Never gets old, does it? Well, maybe. But I had to record some of Selah’s funny conversations today. She just gets more fun the more she can verbalize her thougts. I’m going to be sad when they come out “properly” actually, because they are much more fun right now! And super cute.

1st funny convo this morning, in car:
Selah: I want to go to “Jungle Junction” park, Mommy.
Me: OK. But we have to take Mommy’s car to get fixed first.
Selah: It’s broken?
Me: Yes, it’s broken. Daddy will pick us up and we’ll drive with him.
Selah: It’s going to the doctor?
Me: Yeah! The car doctor – good job! We’re on our way to the car doctor, then the park.
Selah: Then the doctor will fix Mommy’s car. And he’ll get the bird poop off too?
Me: Maybe. Not sure about the poop. But he’ll definitely fix the car.
Selah: There are three poops, Mommy. That poop is from my birds.

(Sidenote: there is a flock of wild parrots that flies over our house every morning, and we refer to those as her birds, which is I think why she referenced that for the bird poop on my window.

2nd funny convo, tonight:
Me: We have to go pick Daddy up from practice. Here’s a treat for in the car since you ate such a good dinner.
Selah: Oooh! Graham Crappers.

🙂 Love this girl 🙂

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