Baking Moments




I pretty much cannot express how awesome I think these pictures are. SO much so that I just posted 13 pictures that are all about the same – but I just couldn’t choose which one captured the moment best. So I used almost all of them (actually there were probably 50 because we liked the lighting and colors so much, but whatever, exaggeration is accepted in blogging, right?!).

Anyways, this was the day: Daddy’s birthday, the day before Selah’s third birthday party, two days before her actual birthday which happened to fall on Mother’s Day. And what did we decide to do? Bake her cake, of course! Actually, I should use plural…bake her cakeS because a princess castle cake takes multiple cakes, duh! πŸ˜‰ She actually didn’t know we were baking for the castle cake, but she loved “helping” anyways because it certainly yields a lick or two when it’s over!

So, since she was allowed to open a present that day (she’d be just taunted for the two days preceding it by Auntie Nicci’s sparkly package sitting on the table…plus, Daddy got to open HIS presents…so we caved and let her open it). It was this beautiful dress that she’s wearing, so I made us wear aprons to protect it. I should have at least taken a few pics without the apron because it is SO darling on her, but I’ll get more some other time.

I just love everything about these pics – the color, the lighting, and my beautiful, blue-eyed, not-so-baby girl. But of course most of all, I love how they captured the moments. We were having so much fun. We were being silly. For the whole activity there was no attitude, no sassiness, no push-pull of testing me. Just pure joy at “helping” mommy coupled with the anticipation of sugar at the end of the job. Childhood (and mommyhood) at its best. So please enjoy:

Sorry, Selah – I guess I passed down my “serious face” to you too:
4 - serious face

My big, big helper:
5 - big help

Stir it up:
6 - stir it up

As far as I’m concerned, the most beautiful eyes in the world:

Can’t you just FEEL how exciting this is?!:

A lick!:
9 - lick

Mmmmm, good:
10 - mmm good

If I gave her serious, I think her daddy must have given her mischievous πŸ˜‰ :

This one makes her seem so “grown up” to me!:
12 - so grown up

And a final bird’s eye view of the taste-testing:
13 - more mom

THESE are the moments I like to capture in my heart (and on film). Now just WAIT until you see the castle cake! πŸ˜‰

One Reply to “Baking Moments”

  1. AMEN, sissy! THAT’s what life is ALL ABOUT πŸ™‚

    She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! Love you girls! XOXO

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