OJ with Asher

Selah made dinner so Asher apparently thought he’d help with breakfast!


I was actually just trying to entertain him while I made fresh orange juice with oranges from our tree (yum!), but he ended up making an entire pitcher!
I only grabbed the camera because he was enjoying it so much, so I caught the tail end when Selah wanted to join in. It was pretty funny watching them take “turns”…a rather boring video but you have to at least hang on until they start sharing the duty:
Here’s another of him telling me that it “stops”:
And, finally, the most realistic of all – the part where it becomes almost all “Ashy’s turn”, because he refuses to share…typical:



And at last enjoying the fruits of our labor:


I’ve never really gotten the kids into drinking juice, so they aren’t huge fans. But fresh off the tree (& helping to make it) seemed to make a difference and they both enjoyed.

Afterwards, we headed out to take advantage of the absolutely beautiful day! We walked up to Westmont track to exercise, but turns out it was track practice so continued all the way to Cold Springs School (Selah’s future kindergarten that she affectionately named “Jungle Junction”) to play on the playground. I didn’t document other than a quick pic of Selah at the mailbox as we left. As I watched her, I just had to think, ” Who in the world took my baby and gave me this gorgeous little girl?!”:

Time flies…and we’re definitely having fun. On track for a nice family weekend to recover after last week’s fiasco. (Which I’ll document later).

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