Colorado Day 4

Almost done sharing our trip a few weeks ago!  There’s just so many great pictures!

On our last day there Hannah had a flight so couldn’t join us, and Miss Kelly had the amazing idea to take a little mini-trip for the night to a cabin in the mountains where there were some fun hot springs.  Best idea ever!  Only thing more fun would have been to have the whole crew together, but it was the best time and so perfect.  

We stayed in a cute cabin that could have fit a few more, but had an amazing view and great location between upper and lower pools at the resort.  The upper pool had a waterslide into a main warm pool and then a lazy river connecting to another even warmer pool, along with two other small pools of varying temperature.  All with the backdrop of beautiful Colorado mountains – pretty spectacular.

view, complete with fighting children!
Asher found his inner peace
my favorite by far, with my baby girl

The lower part of the resort (our view) had a river with natural hot springs where you could make your own pools with rocks, and then two large pools of the hot spring water.  The kids loved it (minus the river – it was cold after dinner when we went and Selah had a good fall on the way there, so our timing was a little off, but the pools worked great and it was perfect).

We also had perfect timing walking by the store on our way back – and the ice cream man unloading his truck gave us a free ice cream!  If that doesn’t scream ‘perfect vacation’, I don’t know what does!! 😉

We are so thankful for these amazing friends we’ve made.  Kelly and Nels are the epitome of hospitality – I think if you look it up in the dictionary their picture is there.  And you know, they’ve raised a pretty cool family too – of course Hannah remains a favorite (of us – and our kiddos!). Looks like we’ll be back to Colorado soon! ❤️❤️❤️

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