One More!

Day, that is, until we leave for Hawaii. I’m so excited about visiting – and I’m sure Jesse is too – not based on the same high energy, flurry of packing way that I am, of course…but in his own way. I know this because he’s sent me links to baby onesies online lately that are Hawaii/surf related…and he can’t wait to get another “outfit” over there. I love that he is into baby clothes. Out of the two of us, who would have guessed? šŸ˜‰

I’m a little worried (ie. dreading) the flight though. Lately my legs swell up to rival the elephants when I sit, so the whole 6-hour (?) flight thing is going to be a little bit of a chore. I hate to complain though because other than that, I feel great. I’m loving my job actually, and feel so, so blessed to be having a baby! It is so much more real now that she is moving up a storm. This morning Jesse even noticed while I was getting ready for work that he could see her on one side of my belly, which bulged out a lot more than the other. I can’t believe at 24 weeks, she is already that big! Maybe I’ll be early…. (wishful thinking).

OK, back to work for the last day. Molokai here we come!

One Reply to “One More!”

  1. I hope you have time to read this before you go!!
    Drink lots of water, and get up and walk the aisles every hour…hopefully that should help! The “lotsa water” will remind you, and be the diuretic ;o)

    See you SOON!! We are excited too!
    Love you guys…

    Nicci and i have been having fun looking at GIRL STUFF! YAY!

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