Happy Picture Friday

Today I took the afternoon off because it was so gorgeous downtown, and Jesse and I decided to treat our doggies to a trip to the beach, since they were in desperate need of a bath regardless, so might as well get some exercise/play mileage out of it! It was a little foggy at the beach, which was surprising since it was sunny downtown, but was fun anyways. Better soak up this quality time with our first “babies” before the real baby comes, when I have a feeling the dogs will be a little neglected for a bit.

Thought you guys might like some pictures of the outing…including the belly & the fam.

Jess with both of the ‘kids’:

My Own Dog Whisperer

Think this dog loves Jesse?

Mok Loves Daddy!

My little Lucy girl:

Our 2nd rescue baby, Mok:

Our little Mok

Still can throw the ball for them…even if bending over to pick it up is tough!

Is it me, or does this look imbalanced? 😉

How am I standing upright - looks unbalanced with the belly!

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