Mother’s Day

The family

I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day! I suppose, if anything, I would have prefered to trade the perfect weather for the previous day – Selah’s birthday! But, no complaints – we all enjoyed it fully. Started off with breakfast, where my awesomely thoughtful husband made me poached eggs (!). Yep, he Googled how to do it, and was successful! Yummy! Then he got Selah ready (another gift!) for church, and dressed up for the occasion (this is noteworthy, as we both normally go on the very casual side to church). And after a nap at home, we all drove to Ojai to enjoy the beautiful afternoon at Ojai Valley Inn, relaxing with appetizers and beverages on the patio with friends while all of the kiddos ran around on the practice green, functioning as the perfect “playground”. It was so nice that we’ve vowed that we’ll go there on a non-occasion day, just to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and great views (without paying the hefty pricetag for a room and golf).
Here’s my favorite selection of photos from the day:
Mommy & her baby

Selah & I “golfing”

The beautiful setting

My loves

Remember: click on the pics if you’d like to see them larger – these are from the big camera, so only show up tiny on the post.

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