The Wishbone

Here are the only two pics I missed in the Thanksgiving post that were on my phone:


It’s Grandpa teaching Selah how to break the wishbone from our turkey. Not sure if everyone has this tradition, but I always liked it as a kid. Selah “won”, so we told her she gets a “wish”…no telling if she even knows what that is or made one, but it was cute to see her participate.

The remainder of the weekend was fun just the two of us since Jesse left for Iowa. I actually got our nanny to come while I hiked Saturday morning since I’ve been trying to take at least an hour for myself to exercise. Seems like a measly little goal, but during volleyball combined with work & pregnancy, it’s about what I can manage. Here’s the view of the islands I was rewarded with at the top – and the baby boy along with me at 25 weeks:



And last, but not least (Spoiler Alert: this post may contain information about pending Christmas present making, but I couldn’t help myself because of her crinkly nosed smile), a picture of Selah hard at work on our Christmas presents. Believe it or not, I did comb her hair today. Seriously. I did.


She is a lot of work these days with her “I do it” attitudes, but man oh man do I love that kid. Especially when she gives me that smile. Nothing like it in the world, that’s for sure 🙂

Blessings on the upcoming week! I’ll try to update, but no promises 😉

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