Mommy & Me Morning

Daddy went to work on the duplex this morning, so Selah and I geared up for a Mommy & me morning. What a blessing, and a lot of work, all at the same time. The further along I get (not to mention the ribs), the more physical effort it seems to be to schlep her in and out if the car seat, carry a toddler plus toddler “stuff” around, and chase her around. But it’s still fun, and I cherish our “dates” and try to rest up to have the most energy as possible!

Thought I’d share pics of us being silly before we left the house for gymnastics, then the beach, then lunch with friends & a chocolate chip scone (treat!!).

I can finally braid(ish) her hair a little…

And of course as soon as I whip out the phone for pictures, she wants to take some…So here they are :):





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